September 25, 2015 15:42
The payment of Moldovan pensions and salaries looked as if it was going to be put on hold since the International Monetary Fund announced that it will not be negotiating another loan with the country during their representatives' current visit to Chisinau. ...more »
September 23, 2015 16:42
Romanian president Klaus Iohannis reportedly declared on Thursday that if the EU forces the country to take in a greater number of migrants than was initially agreed, a possible solution to this economic strain would be to make use of available EU funds to expand or build new necessary intake facilities....more »
September 23, 2015 13:34
Recently Prime Minister Victor Ponta announced that Romania is willing to financially aid Moldova. Valeriu Strelet, the Moldovan Prime Minister, stressed that such an offer represents quite the welcomed assistance for his country during this crucial financially strained period. ...more »
September 21, 2015 13:13
After a two year period during which the US did not appoint an Ambassador to Romania, a key strategic partner in the Eastern European region,  diplomat Hans Klemm was sworn in for the position in a ceremony at the US Department of State in Washington DC. The Romanian appointed ambassador to the US, George Maior ,and US Secretary of State, John Kerry, were present for the occasion.  ...more »
August 06, 2015 05:42
The Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs welcomes the formation of the new Government of the Republic of Moldova and emphasizes that the new ruling line-up is proof of the pro-European political forces' responsibility in the face of the challenge...more »
March 13, 2015 12:07
Romanian President Klaus Johannis and his Polish counterpart, Bronislaw Komorowski, adopted on March 12, 2015 a Joint Statement which strengthens the cooperation between the two EU Member States as the field of energy security has gained increasing importance in the current geopolitical context....more »
February 23, 2015 21:51
Klaus Iohannis is traveling to the Republic of Moldova in its first official trip as Romania’s President. Iohannis scheduled a two-day state visit to Chisinau between February 24 and 25 where will meet with his Moldavian counterpart, Nicolae Timofti, the newly-appointed Prime Minister Chiril Gaburici, as well as with leaders of the liberal and democrat parties in our neighboring country....more »
October 22, 2014 16:06
MEPs today approved the new college of 27 commissioners, as presented by its President, Jean-Claude Juncker, by 423 votes to 209, with 67 abstentions.  Subsequently, the new Commission will be appointed by EU heads of state or government and will take up duty on November 1 for a five-year term....more »
October 16, 2014 16:20
The European Commission is taking Romania to Court for a failure to comply with EU legislation on mining waste. The case concerns the Bosneag pond, a 102-hectare tailing pond that holds waste extracted from copper and zinc mines in Moldova Noua, the Caras-Severin County, and which is currently in a state of almost complete abandonment. The Commission opened infringement proceedings against Romania on this matter with a letter of formal notice in October 2012, followed by a reasoned opinion in February this year. Subsequently, Romania agreed that the Bosneag pond remained a source of pollution during windy periods and admitted the need for remedial measures. While some measures have been proposed, including for example a watering system, no tangible action has yet been taken....more »
October 13, 2014 15:48
The EU Commission has adopted a report assessing the situation of non-reciprocity with certain third countries, such as the USA or Canada, in the area of visa policy. As citizens of these countries along with Australia, Brunei Darussalam and Japan enjoy visa-free travel to the EU, whereas citizens of certain Member States are required visas, the countries concerned – Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus and Poland notified the EU institution in this regard. However, after nearly ten months since introducing the revised visa reciprocity mechanism, the Commission does not consider appropriate at this stage to re-impose a visa requirement for certain categories of nationals of countries that still impose it on EU citizens, states a press release....more »
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