Romanian Courier and Postal Services Forum 2020
Romanian Courier and Postal Services Forum 2020

The 7th annual edition of the only event dedicated to the industry, the Courier & Postal Services Forum 2020  will bring together representatives of courier and postal services companies to meet up with authorities, e-commerce community, clients, banks and payment service providers, equipment and other related businesses to exchange and share their experiences and research about the sector.
This is a senior-level event, attracting the industry leaders in an interactive conference that allows to share thoughts on the best strategies and innovative products for growing the sector.

Who will attend the online e-conference:
  • Management representatives of courier and postal services companies
  • Major clients for the courier service industry 
  • Representatives of authorities regulating the postal services in Romania
  • Representatives of banks, card issuers, payment service providers, leasing and financial institutions

Data protection and sharing of contact details

The Conference Organizer will collect and store your personal data for the preparation and execution of the conference as well as to inform you about future projects related to your sector and line of work. Your contact data will only be passed on to partners directly involved in the conference organization process as partners for follow-up purposes.

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10:00 - 10:05
Welcome and speakers presentation

Adrian Ion
- GovNET Conferences


10:05 - 10:10
Opening speech ANCOM

 Eduard Lovin,
Vice-President National Authority for Management and Regulation in Communications (ANCOM)


10:10 - 12:00
Interactive panel

Analizing the current outlook of the Romanian Postal and Courier Service market 

  • Dealing with current challenges - transformations in delivery services 
  • Business positioning strategies around pandemics and other unexpected events 
  • Winning in the last mile - strategic directions, innovation and options in the last mile 
  • Mapping the operations landscape - keys of being competitive 
  • Fix point Delivery - investing in lockers network 
  • DataKlas Predictive Analitycs
  • The impact of online on courier services and customer demand - expectancy management 
  • Tackling delivery opperational challenges the need for specialised services 
  • Creating the optimal and sustainable logistics network: operational challenges and trends 
  • Exploring ways to add value in today’s delivery services


Adrian Mihai - Managing Partner of FAN Courier

Cristi Petcu - General Manager of Pink Post

Lucian Baltaru - Chief Executive Officer, Sameday Courier

Florinel Chis- President, Romanian Online Shops Association ARMO

Marian Seitan - President of the Romanian Direct Marketing Association ARMAD and the CEO of Mediapost Hit Mail

Dan Turcu - General Manager, Ro SYSTEC Group

Robert Berza - GM Fashion Days & VP eMAG Fashion & Sport

Iulian Stefan - Business development manager HTSS

Alexandr Jeleascov - CEO

Catalin Maftei - Owner Posta Panduri


12:00 - 12:30
Q&A Session
Eduard Lucian
Vice President of the National Authority for Management and Regulation in Communications of Romania (ANCOM)

Eduard Lucian Lovin has been Vice President of the National Authority for Management and Regulation in Communications of Romania (ANCOM), from October 2017. He graduated from the Faculty of Electronics and Telecommunications - The Polytechnic University and from the Faculty of International Economic Relations of Academy of Economic Studies of Bucharest. Mr. Lovin has 18 years’ experience in both the private and the public Romanian electronic communications sectors. He worked as a director in the Agency for Information Society Services (ASSI) and in the General Inspectorate for Communication and Information Technology. Since 2009 until June 2017, he was Executive Director of the Executive Division for Regulation in ANCOM. 

Adrian Mihai
Managing Partner of FAN Courier

Adrian Mihai is one of the founders of FAN Courier, the leader of the courier companies in Romania for the past 8 years. FAN Courier started its history in 1998, when the three Romanian entrepreneurs, Felix Patrascanu, Adrian Mihai and Neculai Mihai dreamt of turning the new formed company into the greatest provider of courier services in Romania. The plan became reality in 2006 and since then FAN Courier has been Gladly, Anywhere from the first place.

Cristi Petcu
General Manager of Pink Post

Cristi Petcu is the General Manager of Pink Post. In April 2017, Total Post announced the merger with Post Master, a company previously owned by the Austrian Post Group, the newly formed company being named Pink Post. In 2010, Total Post acquired TCE Post, founded in 2006, the main competitor on the private market of postal services in Romania.

Lucian Baltaru
Chief Executive Officer Sameday Courier

Lucian Baltaru is the Chief Executive Officer of Sameday Courier.

Florinel Chis
President Romanian Online Shops Association

Florinel Chis is an E-commerce expert and Entrepreneur with over a decade of experience in delivering end-to-end solutions for major Online Retailers.  He is representing the Romanian E-commerce at both national and EU level as the Executive Director of ARMO - Romanian E-Commerce Association.


Marian Seitan
President of the Romanian Direct Marketing Association ARMAD and the CEO of Mediapost Hit Mail

Marian Seitan is the President of the Romanian Direct Marketing Association ARMAD and the CEO of Mediapost Hit Mail, a full-service Direct Marketing agency he built from scratch, now employing 900 people and whose annual turnover comes to 8 million euro. A scholarship in France opened new horizons for him in 1995 when direct marketing was rather unknown in Romania. In 1997, only six months after graduating from the Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest, he set up his business, originally called Hit Mail. Subsequently, as the French Post acquired 60 percent of the company, it changed its name to Mediapost Hit Mail

Dan Turcu
General manager Ro SYSTEC Group

After completing an honorable military career full of challenges, such as the first Gulf War and Romania's accession to NATO, Mr. Turcu got in the civilian life and in business, especially in logistics, as director of operations and developed in Romania a French multinational company. After he graduated an Executive MBA in 2005, Mr. Turcu founded RO SYSTEC GROUP and became the Romanian representative for several foreign companies that produce equipments and postal and logistic solutions: BOWE SYSTEC, SIEMENS, NEOPOST, VIPS FRANCE.

Robert Berza
General Manager of Fashion Days and VicePresident eMAG Sport and Fashion

Robert Berza is the General Manager of Fashion Days and VicePresident eMAG Sport and Fashion

Iulian Stefan
Business Developer Manager, HTSS
Iulian Stefan is with over 10 years of progressive experience in information technology, emphasizing executive management, sales, research, design, implementation, integration, maintenance, and testing of complex software systems.
Very good expertise in consultancy, B2B, system development and system integration.
 Approximately 7 years of experience in top management and supervisory roles responsible for the overall administration and performance of the various teams assigned.
Alexandr Jeleascov
CEO by Packeta Group

Alexandr coordinates the expansion of Packeta Group in Eastern Europe, represented in Romania by With over 4300 pick-up points in countries such as the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary and Romania is the largest pick-up points network in Central and Eastern Europe. At the same time, Packeta Group is a logistics platform that connects approximately 30,000 e-shops with over 740,000,000 customers in Europe and the USA.

Catalin Maftei
Owner Posta Panduri

Catalin Maftei is a pioneer in e-commerce. He created and developed cloud systems:

- - since 2002, the first online payment processor in Romania - - since 2005, the first leg for ecommerce couriers

- - since 2015 the first Pachetomate / SmartLockers network in Romania for. Implementing the "Click & Collect" and "Pickup in Store"

He has developed and developed projects such as: - - since 2009 - - since 2014

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