Romanian HydroPower Energy Summit 2014
Romanian HydroPower Energy Summit 2014 was organized on February 20, 2014 by GOVNET Conferences with the support of the National Administration "Apele Romane", of Hidroelectrica, of the National Environmental Guard, Romanian Small Hydropower Association, of ACUE, AREL, AFEER and of the World Energy Council.

The Romanian HydroPower Summit 2014 is a prominent international conference and networking fair dedicated to professionals and investors acting in hydro energy, a must attend meeting platform for those looking to develop business contacts in this area of renewable energy.
The event is created to generate business ventures and present the investment opportunities in Romania's hydro power generation as well as to connect government representatives and regulatory authorities with private companies. Speakers from the Ministry of Energy, Romanian Energy Regulatory Authority, Ministry of Environment and Climate Change, Ministry for Water, Forests and Fisheries, Romanian Waters National Administration or the Romanian National Environment Guard will have key presentations.

Romanian HydroPower Energy Summit 2014 - February 20, 2014 - Hotel InterContinental Bucharest

Target group: Local and International experts from the hydro energy industry and Romanian authorities supervising and regulating the field.

Language: English and Romanian (with simultaneous translation provided)

Registration: Conference  participation fee is 149 € + VAT/ person.
The fee includes the participation in the conference sessions,  coffee breaks and lunch, as well as the conference proceedings documents.
Gala Networking Cocktail participation fee is 59 € + VAT/ person.
All registration fees mentioned above exclude 24% Romanian VAT. Register online via the registration page on

Registration conditions: The program and the speakers are subject to change. Should the conference be cancelled due to force majeure, unavailability of the conference venue, speakers being prevented or for other good cause, the organizer reserves the right to cancel the conference. In case of cancellation all participants will be informed promptly. In this case, all registration fees will be reimbursed.

Payment: Payment can be made by bank transfer prior to the event. Please take into consideration the limited seats availability, therefore we recommend that registrations are made prior to the week of the event.

Hotel: Exclusively for you we have got a limited number of rooms available at special rates in the InterContinental Hotel Bucharest. In order to accommodate you together with the other participants, please reserve your room by no later than one week before arrival.

08:30 - 09:00

Delegates Registration and welcome coffee

09:00 - 11:00

Romanian HydroPower Market Outlook and expected developments for 2014 

  • Governmental views on the hydro energy in Romania – what to expect from the regulatory bodies?
  • Targets and development opportunities for Hydro Energy in Romania
  • The Renewable Energy Support Scheme - impact on the development of hydro power plants
  • The transport grid analysis: development and absorbtion capacity
  • Renewable Updates: Legislation and Achievements 2013
  • Regulations in Romania’s renewable energy: Too much or too little?


  • Rovana Plumb - Minister of Environment and Climate Change
  • Lucia Ana Varga - Minister Delegate for Waters, Forests and Fisheries
  • Zoltan Nagy - Board Member ANRE
  • Elena Popescu - General Director of the Energy and Environment Direction within the Ministry of Energy
  • Florian Diaconu - Commissioner General of the National Environment Guard
  • Stefan Bucataru - General Manager of Transelectrica
  • Silvia Vlasceanu - Parlamentary Counsellor in the Industry and Services Commission Chamber of Deputies and General Director ACUE
11:00 - 11:30
Networking coffee break

11:30 - 13:30

The Romanian Hydro Market analysis

  • Legal requirements for water resources management in microhyro plant investments
  • The privatization strategy of Micro Hydropower Plants in Romania in the context of regional development
  • The Romanian Small Hydropower Market analysis - an overview
  • Barriers and prospects for the development of the hydro power sector
  • Managing risks for Renewable Energy Projects


  • Dragos Cazan - Director Water Resources, National Authority” Apele Romane”
  • Mihai Teleanu - Member of the Directorate Hidroelectrica
  • Monica Cojocaru - Partner at Schoenherr
  • Simona Chirica - Partner at Schoenherr
  • Bogdan Popa - President of the Romanian Small Hydropower Association
  • Radu Mustata - Business Development Coordinator Marsh
  • Rudolf Lukavsky - Comercial Counsellor at the Austrian Embassy to Bucharest 

    13:30 - 14:30
    Networking lunch

    14:30 - 16:00

    Investors and Project Developers panel

    • Key characteristics of developing a successful hydro project in Romania
    • Financing hydro energy projects - banking environment and financing conditions
    • Andritz Hydro - A leading global hydropower supplier
    • Linking the dots in hydroenergy projects
    • How the Romanian hydro energy sector shall adapt to the new market conditions - specific notes on the market.


    • Edwin Walch - Senior Sales Manager ANDRITZ Hydro
    • Ioana Gheorghiade - Executive Director, Public Sectior and Infrastructure Financing Erste BCR
    • Adrian Borotea - Senior Executive Director and Member of the Directorate CEZ Romania
    • Michael Pötsch - Sales Manager MABA Fertigteilindustrie
    • Florica Popa - Technical Director ISPH Bucharest
      16:00 - 18:00
      Networking Cocktail

      Romanian HydroPower Energy Summit - Networking Cocktail

      The Networking Cocktail will offer the perfect opportunity for high level networking in the exclusive surroundings of the InterContinental Hotel in Bucharest, Modigliani Restaurant.

      Rovana Plumb
      Minister of Environment and Climate Change

      Mrs. Rovana Plumb is the Minister of Enviroment and Climat Change since May 2012. Also she is the Chairman of Social Democratic Women's Organisation and the Vice-president for PESW.

      Lucia Ana Varga
      Minister Delegate for Waters, Forests and Fisheries

      Mrs. Ana Lucia Varga is the Minister Delegate for Waters, Forests and Fisheries since december 2012. Also Mrs. Ana Lucia Varga was the President of the International Commission for the Protection of the Danube River and the president of the meeting Bureau of Parties to the Protocol on Water and Health to the Convention on the Protection and Use of Transboundary Watercourses and International Lakes. Politically. Also she is the Chairman of National-Liberal  Women's Organisation.


      Elena Popescu
      General Director of the Energy and Environment Direction within the Ministry of Energy

      Mrs. Elena Popescu is the General Director of the Energy and Environment Direction, within the Department for Energy. With extensive experience in the energy field, she coordinates energy and environment policies taking into consideration EU requirements and the national priorities in terms of energy security. Between 2007 – 2012, she acted as Diplomatic counselor at the Permanent Representation of Romania to the European Union. Previously, she was a counselor at the Direction for Energy Policy – strategies and policies in the energy field, within the Ministry of Economy. Elena Popescu holds a PhD in Energy security in Romania – Comparison of energy technologies and opportunities for nuclear energy.


      Florian Diaconu
      Commissioner General National Environment Guard

      Mr. Florin Diaconu is in charge with leading, oranize and administering the activities in GNM. Before getting to GNM he worked for National Agency for Environmental Protection.

      Zoltan Nagy
      Board Member Romanian Energy Regulatory Authority ANRE
      Mr. Zoltan Nagy is Member of the Board at the National Energy Regulatory Authority (ANRE). Before getting to ANRE he was General Counsel of the State Domains Agency.
      Mihai Teleanu
      Member of the Directorate Hidroelectrica

      Mr. Mihai Teleanu is member of the Hidroelectrica directorate, coordinating the development and refurbishing work of the company. With over thirty years experience in the field of hydropower and with numerous specializations in the area of ​​activity, Mr. Teleanu has been involved in complex activities such as the construction of hydroelectric plants, privatization, investment and refurbishment projects as well as international financing. Among Mr. Teleanu achievements include the "Râul Mare Retezat" hydropower project.

      Carmen Neagu
      Member Supervisory Board of Transelectrica

      Ms. Carmen Neagu is a Member of the Supervisory Board at Transelectrica. Her professional background includes the position of Region Executive South East Europe for GE Energy. During the six years spend at GE, Carmen Neagu increased GE Energy presence in the region from 2005 nearly “0″ market share up to 50%-70% for generation sector.

      Dragos Cazan
      Director Water Resouces. National Administration „Apele Romane”
      Mr. Dragos Cazan was promoted as Managing Director of Water Resources for National Administration „Apele Romane” in 2012. He wokes with this institution since 1991 and before being promoted to this position he through all stages of preparation from junior engineer to senior engineer 1, senior engineer 2 and to Head Regulatory Notices Permits and Water Management.
      Silvia Vlasceanu
      General Director ACUE

      Ms. Silvia Vlasceanu is the General Director of the Romanian Energy Utilities Companies Association ACUE. She also holds the counselor position in the Committee of Industry and Services within the Chamber of Deputies.

      Prof. Bogdan Popa
      President Romanian Small Hydropower Association

      Mr. Bogdan Popa is the President of the Romanian Small Hydropower Association - ROSHA. He is also Associate Professor, at University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest, Faculty of Power Engineering and its lectures are in the field of: Hydropower Engineering, Water Resources Management, Renewable Energy Sources - Small Hydropower Plants.

      Michael Pötsch
      Product Manager MABA Fertigteilindustrie GmbH
      Dipl.-Ing. Michael Pötsch is a product manager at MABA Fertigteilindustrie GmbH. He studied at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna and he is a Certified Professional for Sustainable Hydropower at Life Long Learning Academy Technikum Vienna. His professional background includes the working on projects as site manager for construction of flood protection, retention basins, dam rehabilitation, culvert construction,construction of water, waste water, sewer, district heating and gas pipelines.
      Simona Chirica
      Partner Schoenherr&Asociatii
      Simona Chirică is partner with schoenherr in Bucharest specializing in civil, commercial and tax matters, with experience in real estate transactions, domestic mergers and acquisitions, green field projects, corporate, tax and operational and fiscal leasing matters. She has been advising on a number of transactions, particularly in the real estate field, renewable energy sector and retail industry. Simona holds a PhD in legal sciences from the University of Bucharest and is a lecturer at Bucharest’s Academy for Economic Studies.

      Monica Cojocaru
      Partner Schoenherr&Asociatii
      Monica Cojocaru is partner with schoenherr Romania and a member of the Bucharest Bar. Monica is specializing in Corporate/M&A, energy, infrastructure and regulatory with extensive experience in renewable energy in Central and South Eastern Europe, being involved in numerous acquisitions of wind, photovoltaic, biomass, and hydro projects. Monica holds a degree in law from the University of Bucharest and an MBA from the Academy of Economic Studies in Bucharest.
      Ioana Gheorghiade
      Executive Director, Public Sector and Infrastructure Finance Division BCR ERSTE Bank

      Ms. Ioana Gheorghiade coordinates the Project Finance Division at  BCR Erste Bank Romania, being responsible for the financing of some of the most important projects of renewable energy in Romania. Her professional backgound includes the position of Principal Banker at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and she holds an Executive MBA degree at Asebuss University.

      Radu Mustata
      Business Development Coordinator Marsh

      Mr. Radu Mustata is Business Development Coordinator at Marsh Romania Broker de Asigurare, one of the most experienced consultants specialized in the energy field insurance. His impressive track record of succesfully completed projects recommends him as a professional with a hands on experience in Romania's insurance brokerage sector.


      Adrian Borotea
      Senior Executive Director and Member of the Directorate at CEZ Romania

      Adrian Borotea is Senior Executive Director and Member of the Directorate at CEZ Romania, one of the most active companies in Romania's energy sector. Before joining CEZ, Mr. Borotea was the vicepresident of the Romanian Electricity Regulator ANRE. He holds an Executive MBA degree from Katz Pittsburgh in the United States. CEZ Group ranks among the largest power utilities in Europe, both in terms of installed capacity and number of customers. In December 2010, CEZ purchased 100% shares of TMK Hydroenergy Power System, followed by a period of finalizing the transaction. The total installed capacity of the hydropower system in Caras Severin is approximately 18MW, as the company owns four dams (Trei Ape, Gozna, Valiug, Secu) and four hydropowerplants (Grebla, Crainicel I, Crainicel II and Breazova). Each hydropowerplant has, currently, no more than 10MW installed capacity.


      Edwin Walch
      Senior Sales Manager at ANDRITZ HYDRO

      Edwin WALCH finished his studies in Mechanical Engineering at the Federal Technical College of Linz in 1973. He joined the Company in 1974 and worked as Project Engineer for Hydraulic Layout. From 1978 to 1982 he was Head of Development of Small Hydro Turbines, from 1983 to1988 Head of the Project Engineering Department of Small Hydro Turbines, from 1989 to 1998 Head of the Project Engineering and Sales Department of Small Hydro Turbines and since 1999 Senior Sales Manager of Compact Hydro for Austria, Bulgaria, Romania and Slovakia at ANDRITZ HYDRO.


      Florica Popa
      Technical Director at ISPH

      Ms. Florica POPA, graduated from the University of Politehnica Bucharest - Faculty of Power Engineering, as a Hydropower Plant Engineer. Since 1992 she works at ISPH Bucharest, starting as a junior engineer and going up to Director of the Energy Division. Now, as a Technical Director her role is to guide, lead, coordinate and control all aspects of the technical and production activities of the company.

      Rudolf Lukavsky
      Commercial Counsellor, Austrian Embassy

      Rudolf Lukavsky serves as Commercial Counsellor in Bucharest, responsible for Romania and the Republic of Moldova since 2009. Rudolf Lukavsky holds a master’s degree in commercial science from the Vienna University of Economics and Business. ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA, with its more than 110 offices in over 70 countries, provides a broad range of intelligence and business development services for both Austrian companies and their international business partners. Other services provided by ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA offices range from introductions to Austrian companies looking for importers, distributors or agents to providing in-depth information on Austria as a business location and assistance in entering the Austrian market.

      Media partners
      Event report

      Additionally, during the conference there have been discussed tax, juridical aspects, the financing issue most of developers face, there have been presented solution for insuring hydropower plants against a broad range of risks and damages, for optimizing projects both technically and in terms of compliance with environmental regulations, as well as the opportunities Romania offers.

      The Summit Partners were: ANDRITZ Hydro, Electrogrup, ISPH Project Development, KAMA Betonfertigteile, LacertA, MARSH, RETRASIB, Schoenherr, Transenergo.


      About GOVNET

      GOVNET is an independent media channel dedicated to provide professional business journalism about Romania’s economics, politics and business climate and, at the same time, an event organizer through GOVNET Conferences. We aim to be a true gate of information, sector analysis and vital business intelligence for those interested to invest in this country. We seek to promote ventures and partnerships through a well established platform of targeted high level events and business conferences.


      The first one of the three sessions of the conference was mainly focused on the issues arose from the intricate legislation and which is the major barrier in the development of this sector and in attracting investors. From the lack of stability in regulations and the confuse situation regarding the green certificates support, to the burden the tax on the used water became, the lease of areas in the lower course of river beds or the environmental regulations on protected areas, all the major aspects concerning the hydro energy professionals have been brought to the fore.

      As for the long-awaited feed-in tariff to be applied for green energy projects below 1MW or 2MW for biomass cogeneration plants, it seems that the most optimistic for its introduction is June 2014, according to Zoltan Nagy-Benge, member of the Board of the National Energy Regulatory Authority (ANRE). And that, provided the EU Commission will approve within the next month the proposals ANRE sent in early December, last year, because, as Nagy explained, then it will take about three months for this fixed tariff, an alternative to the green certificates support, to come into force.

      In spite of the challenges faced by developers of hydropower projects, there is a vivid interest which is noticeable outside Romania, too, the major number of foreign companies attending the event being a proof in this regard. This area is and will remain of high importance to the country’s energy system, as Carmen Neagu, member of Transelectrica’s Supervisory Board, pointed out, saying that the transmission and system operator encourages investments in the Romanian energy field which is a pillar of sustainable development.

      She further emphasized that the investment strategy needs to be appropriate and the development of hydropower projects should be grounded on the real necessities in terms of energy, also approaching the well-known project at Tarnita-Lapustesti, set up in the Communist era and expected to be carried out in the coming years: ‘There should be assessed the real available value of the power stations which, so that the signal sent to investors is accurate. At this point, based on the data we have it may seem that there is now need of new power capacities, which is not true. (...) With respect to the major projects, decisions must be quick enough for maintaining the feasibility of the project. (...) In the European regional context, the Tarnita project could be enlisted amidst the projects of common interest, but for promoting it, we need to urge the decision and pay consolidated efforts for structuring the best business model.’, Neagu explained.

       The most important event dedicated to the Romania’s hydro energy sector, organized by GOVNET Conferences under the aegis of the “Romanian Waters” National Administration, of Hidroelectrica, of the National Environmental Guard, of the Romanian Small Hydropower Association, ACUE, AREL, AFEER and of the WEC Romanian National Committee has gathered over 200 leading professionals in the hydro energy business, companies operating in related fields and regulatory authorities altogether.

      The Romanian HydroPower Energy Summit approached the most pressing issues in this energy sector which accounts for 30 percent of the electricity production in Romania and which has a huge growth potential.

      It’s a matter of days until the Law approving the Ordinance no. 57 will be promulgated and published in the Official Gazette”, Silvia Vlasceanu, Director of ACUE and Counselor in the Committee of Industry and Services within the Chamber of Deputies, said. A good news for all players in the market and for whom the request of reviewing the said law President Traian Basescu made towards the Parliament in late-2013, caused concerns and questioned the opportuneness of going forward with such projects. ‘Things will settle down once the law will come out. (...) From March on, everything will probably go back to normal”, 

      Hotel Intercontinental
      The Romanian HydroPower Energy Summit 2013 will be organized at the InterContinental Hotel in Bucharest.

      InterContinental Bucharest is a five star hotel that provides a highclass background for conferences, receptions and other types of events. Located right in the center of Bucharest, it is within walking distance from the Old City – Bucurestiul Vechi. The main subway station and the central bus station are just across the street. There are also taxi ranks directly in front of the hotel.

      Special accommodation rates and hotel reservation

      Summit participants benefit from special accommodation rates. Please send your accommodation requests directly to:
      Mrs. Simona Sercan – Senior Convention Sales Manager
      Fill in the hotel reservation form attached to benefit fom the special delegate rates at the Intercontinental Hotel.
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