June 30, 2014 16:52
Raiffeisen Investment has announced the closing of the Romanian-based office effective as from July 1, 2014, decision which is subject to a new regional strategy and which includes similar decisions as regards offices from Sofia, Belgrade, Kiev, Moscow and Vienna, according to ZF....more »
June 20, 2014 13:49
Plastics processor Romcarbon will implement this year two investment projects aimed at introducing high tech equipment in packaging production and plastics recycling. Total investment comes to 6.5 million euro of which 2.25 million euro are the ...more »
May 28, 2014 14:33
Dragos Paval, Dedeman’s CEO, announced yesterday during a meeting with Iurie Leanca, the Moldavian Prime Minister, that plans to expand its operations abroad, the Republic of Moldova being the first investment destination, where will open two stores in Chisinau. For this new project, Dedeman estimates investment will amount to 30 million euro, creating some 400 new jobs....more »
May 21, 2014 17:10
The Cluj County Council has announced the expansion of the Tetarom I industrial park which will increase its surface by 12 hectares, supported by an investment of 42 million lei, without including the VAT. Horea Uioreanu, the President of the County Council today signed the related contract so as construction works will be initiated in about two weeks, being scheduled for completion in 17 months....more »
May 19, 2014 14:01
Dan Sova, the Minister of Transport, announced that near Timisoara, in Remetea Mare, will be made an investment of 22 million euro in a Freight Intermodal Center to serve companies from Romania and its neighbouring countries Serbia and Hungary. Part of the amount will be provided from European Funds, the local authorities being also responsible for ensuring partial financing, according to Mediafax....more »
April 28, 2014 09:28
The Portuguese automotive parts manufacturer Coindu will open a second production facility in Romania, this time in Drobeta-Turnu Severin, the Mehedinti County, the investment amounting to 10 million euro. In the new plant for which construction works will start in the very next period there will be manufactured auto parts for BMW, Volkswagen, Mercedes and Audi, according to Adevarul....more »
April 24, 2014 11:48
The Cluj County Council yesterday concluded the contract with ACI, Electromontaj, Nordcomforest and Erbi Prodcom as associated companies to build the fourth Tetarom industrial park in Cluj for which the construction works will be initiated within the next seven days....more »
April 17, 2014 16:50
Bosch’s new production facility based in Cluj will be officially inaugurated next month, on May 9, after testing and production started in late 2013. The 77 million euro worth investment project includes a research center operational since November, last year....more »
April 10, 2014 15:38
Transelectrica has concluded the contract for the refurbishment of the 220/110/20 kV Campia Turzii station, an important junction in the National Power System which ensures transit and power connections from areas with electricity surplus to areas in Transilvania and Maramures, where there is electric power deficit, according to a company release....more »
April 08, 2014 14:28
E.ON Romania allocates this year an increased budget for investments – some 95 million euro, compared to 83 million euro in 2013 – funds which will be spent on modernizing the electric power and natural gas grid, today announced the company’s General Manager, Frank Hajdinjak, quoted by Mediafax. This amount will be added to other about 1.1 billion euro invested in Romania since 2004 when Electrica Moldova was taken over, Hajdinak added, explaining that they decided to supplement the finances as there has been identified a necessity....more »
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