February 07, 2014 09:56
The Association of Generic Medicines Producers from Romania together with the Romanian Association of International Medicines Producers demand the regulatory authorities an urgent review on how the increasing deficit of the health system is financed....more »
January 27, 2014 16:29
Farmexim, one of the main players in Romania’s medicine distribution market, starts the year with the inauguration of its 16 million euro investment - a logistics center located in Balotesti, near Bucharest. Part of an extensive investment program initiated in 2012 meant to support the dynamic growth rate recorded over the past years, the new center provides more spacious, modern facilities, being equipped with latest technology so as to obtain increased efficiency of all operations....more »
January 16, 2014 13:05
Antibiotice Iasi expands its export business this year when will start delivering new products in Russia and France, part of the development plan focused on consolidating the export component. Besides, the medicine producer, owned by the Romanian Ministry of Health will approach new markets, such as the former Yugoslavia and Central Asia regions, thus estimating a considerable increase, over 10 percent, in its exports in 2014, as per the report the company released this morning....more »
January 14, 2014 11:43
The Romanian Association of International Medicines Producers appointed Calin Galaseanu as president, after being elected by the association’s General Assembly which met on January 9....more »
January 13, 2014 11:38
Romania’s Ministry of Health plans to prohibit for six months the parallel exports of drugs on the new list of compensated medicines in order for patients to benefit from their treatments in due time, a ministry’s press release informs. The announcement was made during a meeting between the Minister of Health, Eugen Nicolaescu, the Secretary of State, Adrian Pana, the President of CNAS (the National House of Health Insurance), Cristian Busoi, and the Director of ANMDM (the National Agency of Medicines and Medical Devices) on one side and representatives of the pharmaceutical industry, on the other side, meeting which was held on Saturday, January 11. ...more »
November 28, 2013 13:13
Two years after opening the biggest multidisciplinary private hospital in Romania, in Bucharest, Sanador invests about 1 million euro in the new Cardiothoracic Surgery division....more »
November 08, 2013 15:45
The Association of Generic Medicine Producers from Romania (APMGR) and the Romania’s Ministry of Health (MS) have agreed on several measures meant to encourage the consumption of generic medicines, thus ensuring people have access to affordable treatments but maintaining an efficient economy, is stated by a press release of the association....more »
October 22, 2013 10:44
Gral Medical, a private medical services company announces the inauguration of the first hospital – OncoFort Hospital which is located in Bucharest - of its medical network. The company spent two years and EUR7 million with this project that represents the biggest investment in 2013 in a stagnating medical sector due to the entrepreneurs cautions in opening new centers, shows a company release....more »
September 25, 2013 17:03
In a market that has doubled between 2005 and 2012, despite the economic crisis, drugs sale will report a 5% growth each of the following five years as per the market research company, Cegedim Romania. A less rapid increase compared with the past years, but that will get the Romania's pharma market to EUR3.4 billion by 2018, whereas the last year reports show that medicine sales amounted about EUR 2.6 billion....more »
September 23, 2013 21:56
Antibiotice Iasi, Romania's largest drugs supplier could expand its businesses throughout the region provided the company receives support from an investor. Besides that, an improved legislation would also be helpful according to the company's general manager, Ioan Nani.' Antibiotice can become a regional player, but it cannot do that all by itself. It must attract investors for further growth and development' said Nani during a conference. He also added that Antibiotice Iasi does not differentiate from other drug suppliers on the market, being licensed in the United States and being present on most regulated market....more »
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