September 23, 2013 21:50
Despite the number of drugstores is raising by 6.4% a year as well as their average turnover per pharmacy which is increasing by 2.4%, Romania remains at bottom among European countries."Although there are demographic criteria for the establishment of pharmacies, their number has increased by 6.5% a year, while their turnover rose by 2.4% a year,” said Clara Popescu, Vice-president of the College of Pharmacists, during a conference....more »
September 23, 2013 21:45
The pharmaceutical market rose with about 3% compared to 2012 – the estimates indicate it will reach EUR3 billion in 2014- but the reality is a bit distorted as it is not exclusively based on the domestic market and internal consumption, as parallel exports (intra-EU trade) represent about 20% of the market.'Pharmaceutical market grew from about EUR2.3 billion in 2010 to EUR2.85 billion last year ........more »
September 23, 2013 21:44
Romania's first private medical genetics center was launched during the 'Personalized Medicine – New perspectives for Romanian patient' conference held in Bucharest on September 3rd.The investment which is worth more than two million euro is part of the World Map of Next Generation Sequencers, a world network including centers that use a high-capacity genomic sequencer platform ....more »
September 20, 2013 12:34
According to the European Federation of International Industries and Associations, Romania ranks 21 among 31 European countries in terms of investment and research in medicine. While the European average is EUR 940 millions, in Romania, the funds invested in medical research do not exceed EUR 220 millions....more »
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