January 26, 2022 12:33
M&A activity in Romania rebounded strongly in 2021 vs 2020 both in terms of deal value and deal count. Total M&A for the year amounted at $6.2 billion (€ 5.2 billion) up 32% year-over-year across 178 transactions, underscoring the strengt...more »
January 26, 2022 12:27
Packeta Romania, global digital and logistics platform, member of Packeta Group, the company with the largest network of pick-up points in Central and Eastern Europe, doubles the team in 2022 and estimates that it will exceed 140 employees at the e...more »
January 21, 2022 13:22
Campania ARAD VERDE VIU a ajuns la final! Prin intermediul ei ne-am propus să schimbăm mentalități, să-i încurajăm pe arădenii de toate vârstele să adopte un stil de viață nou și ne-am dorit să facă acest lucru în baza uno...more »
January 17, 2022 07:57
The European Commission has given the green light to Romania to increase its state aid support and funding intensities from a maximum of 50% until the end of last year to 60% from this year until 2027. According to a REI Finance Advisors analysis,...more »
January 14, 2022 15:23
Alexandrion Group, the largest spirits and wine producer and distributor in Romania, announces that foreign policy expert Nicholas S. Kass has been appointed Executive Director for International Corporate Affairs, a newly-created function at the Gr...more »
December 17, 2021 21:35
Sameday is the Courier Company of the Year, and the big winner of the 2021 Courier and Postal Services Awards Gala for Excellence hosted by GovNET Romania on Thursday, December 16, at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Bucharest. Sameday won five of the s...more »
December 17, 2021 19:04
Courier company Sameday conducted a study on how e-commerce industry consumers relate to the courier market. The results illustrate key profile data to the Romanian buyer and the expectations he has from the courier companies. According to resear...more »
December 15, 2021 20:34
General contractor Concelex is the only manufacturer in Romania to neutralize its carbon emissions in 2020, thus reducing its impact on the environment. Starting in 2016, the company continues its “Zero Carbon” strategy, currently funding the R...more »
December 13, 2021 13:41
Coca-Cola system has released the latest sustainability report, which reflects how it has implemented sustainability practices in 2020 in relation to partners, employees and consumers, as well as the environment and local communities. The report is...more »
November 29, 2021 15:26
FAN Courier, announced expansion of its operations in the Republic of Moldova, as part of the development strategy in Central and Eastern Europe, offering customers access to professional courier services and online stores the opportunity to expand...more »
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