May 28, 2014 16:03
The National Permanent Bureau of the Democrat-Liberals has unanimously approved the initiation of discussions with the National Liberal Party for creating an alternative for Romania, a center-right alliance, announced the PDL leader, Vasile Blaga, according to Agerpres. The decision follows the poor results obtained at Sunday’s elections for the European Parliament, won by the governing alliance PSD-UNPR-PC with nearly 38 percent of the vote, in the context of the coming presidential elections this fall....more »
May 26, 2014 10:15
The political union leading Romania’s Government, established by the Social Democrats alongside the Conservative Party and the National Union for Romania’s Progress, has won the European Parliament elections in Romania, according to the preliminary results released by BEC (the Central Electoral Office). Upon counting some 93 percent of the vote, the PSD-UNPR-PC alliance accounts for 37,25 percent, followed by the National Liberal which took around 14,9 percent, below the projected 20 percent, the leader, Crin Antonescu previously announcing his resignation provided PNL’s results do not achieve that threshold....more »
March 06, 2014 12:58
Romania’s President, Traian Basescu, and Prime Minister, Victor Ponta, reached an agreement yesterday concerning the reshuffled government, hence, Basescu eventually confirmed the ministers proposed by the latter.“We have reached an agreement ...more »
March 06, 2014 11:51
Traian Basescu yesterday announced that he approved the Memorandum which supports the Letter of Intent to the International Monetary Fund. He said during the investiture ceremony of the new Cabinet that he hopes that the arrangement with the Fund, by the measures it involves, will improve Romania’s competitiveness which is still the major issue, especially within state-owned companies....more »
March 04, 2014 11:21
The new ministers who have been proposed by Prime Minister Victor Ponta to be part of the reshuffled government may be invested today in the afternoon, following the Parliament’s vote. Currently, the Specialized Committees are hearing them and provided they get the required approvals they will go into the Parliament to be voted by the MPs....more »
February 26, 2014 12:56
The Social Liberal Union, USL, broke following yesterday’s decision of the Liberal wing of withdrawing from the governing alliance. The Permanent Delegation of the National Liberal Party, PNL, met Tuesday evening when adopted a resolution to support the Liberal ministers’ withdrawal from the Romanian Government given the crisis which has sparked inside the union and lead to bitter disputes amongst its leaders....more »
February 07, 2014 15:09
Following Daniel Chitoiu’s resignation, further changes within the Government have been announced earlier today by PNL’s leader, Crin Antonescu, who announced at the end of the Party’s Standing Bureau meeting that four Liberal ministers will be replaced....more »
February 07, 2014 11:18
Crin Antonescu, Head of the Senate and President of the National-Liberal Party, yesterday announced the resignation of Daniel Chitoiu, Minister of Public Finance, during a press conference, attended by the latter as well....more »
January 30, 2014 13:32
The Government will enforce all the measures undertook through the letter of intent and the economic memorandum concluded with the foreign financiers – the International Monetary Fund, the European Union and the World Bank, whether or not Traian Basescu will sign or not these documents, Prime Minister Victor Ponta announced, quoted by Agerpres...more »
January 23, 2014 15:39
Basescu reconfirmed his position against the introduction of the excise duty on fuel during this morning meeting with the IMF delegation, as previously announced. However, the Romanian President said that despite not supporting the Government’s decision on introducing a new 7 eurocents tax, he will not obstruct the arrangement between the Executive and the International Monetary Fund, yet he should not be expected to sign the agreement....more »
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