May 13, 2020 18:05
Data provided by the National Institute of Statistics showed a steep decrease in production in the romanian industrial sector by 3.4% (gross series) and 12.4% respectively (series adjusted according to the number of working days and seasonality). If ...more »
May 13, 2020 11:34
Opinion article by Dimitrios Goranitis, Risk Advisory Partner, Deloitte Romania This article expresses the author's own opinions and it does not reflect the position of Deloitte Romania For the last three decades, Romania has enjoyed unprece...more »
May 08, 2020 16:12
The hotels, restaurants, bars and cafes that are or will become Selgros customers will enjoy a 15% discount on the first purchase made between May 15 and June 30, a discount that Selgros offers as a support for resuming their activity announced the...more »
May 08, 2020 14:26
Hidroelectrica signed the contract for legal assistance services for the IPO with Dentons Europe SPARL, which offered the price of 429,000 euros, compared to 700,000 euros, the estimated value of the acquisition. "By signing the contract for listi...more »
May 07, 2020 10:55
These days, the COVID-19 pandemic have boosted all the inefficiencies and weak points of how economies in general, and companies in particular, have been functioning before. The health, social, working crisis reveal all wrong decisions of the past ...more »
May 06, 2020 14:10
While the focus so far has mainly been on China, Europe, and the United States, the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic are likely to be even more severe for emerging economies shows Coface study. Even though their degree of vulnerability to th...more »
May 06, 2020 10:43
Why writing an article? To shed some light and to make readers aware of a desired process in the management of any organization. Many employees are not aware of certain important aspects in managing of an organization, and as a result, their lack o...more »
May 05, 2020 17:49
Slovenian company Resalta has reached a new milestone, entering Romania as the 10th market in which it will continue with its mission to provide energy efficiency services and develop renewable energy projects.  For the Romanian market, ...more »
May 05, 2020 13:44
"Pentru perioada ianuarie - aprilie 2020, municipiile au beneficiat de o cotă de 63% din IV (impozitul pe venit - n.r.), dar nu le-a fost repartizată prin HG şi cota de 3% pentru cheltuieli culturale. Din luna mai 2020, municipiile vor beneficia d...more »
May 05, 2020 13:38
articol semnat de Cezara Constantinescu, Avocat Senior bpv GRIGORESCU ŞTEFĂNICĂStarea de urgență a adus o serie de schimbări în viața fiecăruia dintre noi. Între acestea, și modul în care comunicăm, modul în care încheiem con...more »
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