October 02, 2013 18:35
BRC Business Group, the project's developer is ready to sell Citadella Titan for EUR6.85 million, without VAT as per its reorganizing plan already approved, according to Euro Insol - BRC's administrator upon becoming insolvent at the beginning of 2012. An alternative stipulated by this plan is to proceed with selling each of the housing units apart, which would bring the group more than EUR10 million, excluding VAT....more »
October 01, 2013 16:55
German automotive company Continental concluded a 40 million Euro investment in a fuel pump factory located in Ghimbav Industrial Park, Brasov County. When opperating at full capacity the production will amount to seven million units / year. Among the car manufacturers that will equip cars with fuel pumps produced in Ghimbav are Volkswagen AG group, Ford, BMW, Mercedes -Benz , PSA Peugeot Citroen and Renault....more »
October 01, 2013 13:55
Tomasz Wolanowski has been recently appointed as the new Country Manager for ABB in Romania, effective September 1, 2013. Mr. Wolanowski succeeds Mr. Peter Simon who retired after a 38 year career in ABB....more »
September 30, 2013 11:25
The liberalization of the electricity market that began last year did not have significant adverse effects, and the influence was of about on to two percent in the final electricity price, said the President of the National Regulatory Authority for Energy (ANRE), Niculae Havrilet. ...more »
September 30, 2013 11:13
Italy’s Nordelectrica Impianti was selected to build a 6.65 MW photovoltaic park for Productie Energie Verde, a company owned by local businessman Vladimir Cohn. The project will generate electricity that will be used by another company owned by Cohn, corrugated board producer Ecopaper and the surplus will be sold on the market. ...more »
September 26, 2013 14:41
Third generation malls are the present, as well as the future on the market. Primarily focused on the entertainment facilities and spare time spending activities, almost 40% of the malls in Romania are part of that category according to a report released by CBRE Romania....more »
September 26, 2013 14:33
Proprietatea Fund (FP) has announced its intention to initiate a second public offering through which will redeem about 600 million shares from the fund's shareholders....more »
September 25, 2013 17:05
While Petrom approximates its investment will reach EUR1.2 billion this year, in 2014 they're going to invest about EUR0.8 - 1 billion in the business, said Mariana Gheorghe, General Director at Petrom, during the Reuters Investment Summit held in September.Gheorghe also talked about the possibility of Petrom expanding its business by entering the shale gas field, after Gerhard Rois, president at OMV (the group that owns Petrom) said last year that Romania should extract shale gas if geological studies indicated significant reserves....more »
September 25, 2013 17:03
In a market that has doubled between 2005 and 2012, despite the economic crisis, drugs sale will report a 5% growth each of the following five years as per the market research company, Cegedim Romania. A less rapid increase compared with the past years, but that will get the Romania's pharma market to EUR3.4 billion by 2018, whereas the last year reports show that medicine sales amounted about EUR 2.6 billion....more »
September 24, 2013 16:33
More than 650 million Euro worth of electricity traded in the first half of 2013, 85% more than in the same time of last year.  The bilateral contract market, where buyers and sellers meet and sign long-term deals, saw the highest jump in amounts traded, according to OPCOM data. Traded volume on this market stood at 9.47 TWh of electricity or 36% of the country’s energy consumption, almost 5.5 times more than in the same time last year. Traded electricity price fell 15.6% to EUR43.2/MWh. ...more »
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