November 24, 2021 11:46
A burgeoning number of institutional investors around the world are placing greater emphasis on ESG performance in their decision-making and 74% are now more likely to divest from companies with poor ESG track records. However, concrete action is s...more »
November 23, 2021 15:25
Primul tramvai Imperio de capacitate medie este pus în circulație la Arad. Îmbrăcat în culorile roșu și alb, noul model, oferă călătorilor siguranță și confort și este garanția unei călătorii plăcute cu care de altfel ne-au obișn...more »
November 11, 2021 14:47
The progressive use of electricity emerges as the most efficient energy vector to achieve net zero ambitions, in particular, in fields such as industry, buildings and transport, as these sectors are the main causes of global greenhouse gases emissi...more »
November 09, 2021 16:33
Authors: Alexandru Ene-Dragan (Partner, Head of Compliance & Litigation, Noerr), Oana Piticas (Coordinator White Collar Crime Practice, Noerr), Gabriel Zgunea(CEO, Corporate Intelligence Agency) As anti-fraud specialis...more »
November 09, 2021 15:02
The partnership is based on the mutual engagement of both companies to accelerate the transition to a greener built environment, by implementing the sustainable strategies established at an international level to their local business division, each...more »
November 01, 2021 09:44
The companies active in Romania, be they  start-ups, SMEs and group of companies or multinational companies, have access to non-reimbursable financing of over 2 billion euros for direct investments by the end of this year, represented either b...more »
October 29, 2021 16:54
Packeta completes the rebranding process of the Romanian branch, Coletă taking over the name Packeta Romania, and estimates for 2021 a volume of over 2.8 million parcels delivered, double compared to 2020. "The rebrandingof »
October 28, 2021 12:55
Corporate commitments to net-zero accelerated over the last two years, with almost one-third (30%) of Europe’s largest listed companies now having pledged to reach net-zero by 2050, according to a new studyby Accenture (NYSE: ACN). The Accentur...more »
October 27, 2021 15:47
Next spring, Colosseum Mall will inaugurate to the general public, the most important commercial development project that has been developed in the recent years in Bucharest. The project has been developed as a result of the constant increase in po...more »
October 27, 2021 14:36
Dorna natural mineral water brand takes a new step towards a waste-free world and announces the launch of a Romanian river cleaning campaign This fall, Dorna announces a new long-term commitment as part of its sustainability strategy - becoming wa...more »
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