March 05, 2016 08:04
European Commissioner for Justice, Consumers and Gender Equality Vera Jourova said in a press conference at the European Commission office in Bucharest that the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism will be kept in 2016, as the recently released report includes both progress registered by Romania and things that still need to be worked on. Jourova declared that Romania and Romanians have made great efforts to combat corruption and defend the independence of justice. ...more »
March 05, 2016 07:47
A memorandum, called "Increasing transparency and standardizing the posting of information of public interest" was initiated by the Ministry for Public Consultations and Civic Dialogue and the Chancellery of the Prime Minister, stating that Central and local governmental authorities are asked to post online budget implementation, vacancies and centralized procurement data. "The Ministry for Public Consultations and Civic Dialogue is achieving today, three months after the inauguration of the incumbent government and the establishment from scratch of the ministry, one of the major objectives pledged under the Sectorial Measure Plan," says Minister for Public Consultations and Civic Dialogue Violeta Alexandru. ...more »
February 04, 2016 16:14
Tiberiu Nitu, Romania’s General Prosecutor, gives up his mandate in wake of accusations regarding the abusive use of official convoys, after his name appears in the Oprea file. Nitu justifies his resignation as a gesture of “responsibility and honor”, given that his name is “artificially associated with a situation that could have consequences towards the image of the institution” that he represents.  However, he stated that he did not ask for, nor did he benefit from the advantages of official convoys, in the spirit they are enacted, but he was given a device for protection and escort. One day after the public resignation, President Klaus Iohannis signs the decree for his relieve....more »
January 21, 2016 15:01
Romania is committed to it's role in the partnership with NATO and the EU as fundamental pillars of it's foreign policy said President Klauss Iohannis in a meeting with the heads of diplomatic missions accredited in Romania. He also mentioned that "today, the future of the Schengen area is questionable. Romania is already acting as a state for the Schengen area and takes an active role in the construction of the European policy to protect and strengthen the Union's borders. Beyond the present circumstances, Romania maintains its goal of joining this space."...more »
January 14, 2016 11:59
The World Bank signed a memorandum of understanding with the Romanian Government for technical assistance to public institutions in order to support the structural reforms and the modernization of the public administration. The head of Wor...more »
January 13, 2016 14:14
In 2016 Romanians will be called for two sets of elections, locals which are set for early June, and Parliamentary elections to be organized at the end of November or early December. There are some important changes regarding the election process that were adopted by the Parliament in 2015, namely the law of political parties, the financing of political parties, the law of local elections, parliamentary elections law and postal voting law which allows Romanians from abroad to vote electronically. The postal voting adopted in parliament, will apply to parliamentary elections, being the first time that this vote is implemented for the Romanians in the diaspora. For local elections, the most important novelty is that the law provides for a single round election of mayors and presidents and vice presidents of local and county councils. Another amendment of the law is that EU citizens can be elected mayors....more »
December 18, 2015 14:17
In the context of the Strategic Partnership within NATO, the United States and Romania announced that major military components of the Aegis Ashore Missile Defense System (AAMDS) in Romania, a key element in Phase II of the European Phased Adaptive Approach (EPAA), are completed and have been handed over to the operational commander for future integration into the NATO Ballistic Missile Defense architecture....more »
November 24, 2015 14:54
Co-president of the ALDE coalition , Calin Popescu Tariceanu says that after the Ponta government's resignation the coalition of PSD-UNPR and ALDE is not working anymore, as each party has different positions, reports Mediafax. "I have a, let's say, uncomfortable feeling. I was somehow obliged to take an attitude alone, noting the government's resignation. ...more »
November 16, 2015 14:12
Dacian Ciolos, the newly designated Romanian Premier, announced, on the 15th of November 2015, that he has the final list comprised of 21 names of those who would be the future leaders of the new Governmental Cabinet....more »
November 12, 2015 15:56
The law allowing for the creation of the National Agency for the Administration of Sequestered Goods has been voted for in the Romanian Chamber of Deputies....more »
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