NATO PA elected Gabriel Vlase as Vice-President

PSD Deputy Gabriel Vlase, chief of the Romania’s Delegation at the NATO Parliamentary Assembly (PA) has been elected Vice-President of the assembly during its last annual session, the 59th, held in Dubrovnik, Croatia. Vlase’s appointment is a success of Romania’s parliamentary diplomacy, considering the central role the national legislatures have within NATO, reads a release of the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

‘Besides the acknowledgment of the outstanding merits of Romania’s representative in promoting international parliamentary dialogue, the Assembly’s decision confirms once again the consolidated profile of Romania within NATO, that of a promoter of Euro-Atlantic values and significant contributor to the Alliance’s operations and missions.’ shows the same document.

NATO Parliamentary Assembly is an inter-parliamentary organization that gathers delegates representing the parliaments of the 28 NATO member countries, as well as representatives of the parliaments of the 14 associate countries - Russian Federation, Ukraine, Austria, Azerbaijan, Sweden, Switzerland, Georgia, Armenia, R. Moldova, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Finland, Serbia and Montenegro.

The current configuration of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly Bureau has the following structure: President - Hugh Bayley (United Kingdom), Vice-Presidents - Gabriel Vlase (Romania), Nicole Ameline (France), Cheryl Gallant (Canada), Daniel Bacquelaine (Belgium), Karl A. Lamers (Germany). 

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