Andrei Gerea is the new Minister of Economy

The same day Romania’s President Traian Basescu signed the decree for the appointment of Andrei Gerea as Minister of Economy, the Liberal took the oath during the investiture ceremony held at Cotroceni Palace.

In the presence of members of Romania’s Government and, of course, Traian Basescu, Gerea formally took the position left vacant after Varujan Vosganian resigned on October 7. The President wished him good luck and forewarned him about the difficulty of his mission: ‘Allow me to wish you success. You have two extremely difficult missions: Oltchim and Cupru Min. I hope that the processes that are going to be run will be transparent for companies.’ said Traian Basescu during the investiture ceremony.

At the beginning of this week PNL (National Liberal Party) proposed Andrei Gerea, the former leader of the Liberal MPs group in the Chamber of Deputies to replace Varujan Vosganian at the Ministry of Economy. Then, Gerea expressed his excitement, stating as well his confidence about the new challenge: ‘It’s a mission that honors me, but in spite of all the difficulties (…) it’s not meant to overwhelm me, but yet, it’s exciting and I hope I’ll be able to reward the trust granted. It is, indeed, a difficult ministry, we’re all going through hard times, even though Romania has followed a growing path since the beginning of this year, speaking in macroeconomic terms.(…) I’m well aware about the unsolved things there, although the previous minister was very performing, but I’m positive that together with my colleagues and those who are still in the ministry and I’ll cooperate with, I’ll manage to carry out the missions we have.’

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