New car registrations, up 28.5% in Q3

Car registrations show an improvement, after nine months in 2013, following a decline registered within the first six months this year, states a report released by INS (National Institute of Statistics). 

Looking at the data published at the end of Q2, new registrations for passenger vehicles went up with 28.5% in Q3, while in the goods transportation segment the reported growth is of 6.4%.

According to the INS publication, new registrations of passenger vehicles grew with 21.4% between January 1 and September 31, 2013, over the corresponding period last year. Besides that, the new registrations for goods transportation vehicles saw a slightly improvement of 0.8 percentages.

The overall growth was mainly supported by the increase reported after Q3, the statistics indicating almost 81.000 new units registered in the third quarter of 2013, 28% more than the total recorded after the same period in 2012. As for the mopeds and motorcycles, the reported growth is lower - 6.7% higher over the last year.



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