ETEM: ’Rooftop solar projects will soar in the next period of time’

The next wave in PV development is widely considered to be the rooftop plants. Romania’s solar industry anxiously expects the new regulation with respect to the feed-in tariff that will probably lead to a boost of this kind of projects.  

Beby Pavel, Key Account at ETEM Systems, one of the major aluminum structures providers in Romania, confirms the aroused interest on this niche: ’We see an increasing interest and opportunity for the next year for rooftop solar projects under 1MW, given that the feed-in tariff will come into force starting January 1, 2014.’ a press release informs.

However, the PV industry also needs a higher level of predictability from the authorities in the field: ’All organizations involved in the production of renewable energy  - solar sector, requested ANRE and the Government stability and predictability in terms of Act 220. The vast majority of the players expects a common point of view fom them, but, as usual, these two institutions hesitated in taking a strong common position.’ Beby said.

ETEM, which has been operating in the Romania’s aluminum structures production sector since 2003, has provided metal structures for various PV projects with a cumulated capacity of over 25MW. This year, the Greek company provided aluminum stuctures for several solar parks in Bistrita, Sibiu or Colibas. Besides those, ETEM Systems has recently supplied aluminum structures for a rooftop project in Southern Bucharest with a capacity of 235kW, its estimated production being enough to provide electricity to 90 families.

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