European Parliament asks Russia to stop 'unacceptable' pressures against former USSR countries.

European Parliament asks Russia to stop 'unacceptable' pressures against former USSR countries.

European Parliament adopted a resolution on September 12 asking Russia to respect the policy options of former USSR countries, including Republic of Moldova and Ukraine.

The pressure Russia has put against these countries by recently threatening them with coercive measures results from the efforts the former Soviet states made to get closer to EU by joining the ‘Eastern Partnership’.

The Partnership, which came into force in 2009 aims to build closer relations between Belarus, Republic of Moldova, Ukraine, Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan and EU, displeasing Moscow that is concerned its control on the region will be affected. Syria crisis also concerns Russia, as a possible intervention of the US and Allies might jeopardize its great influence there. Such scenario might lead to Russia establishing another area of influence and Transnistria (Republic of Moldova) seems a viable option likewise Romanian President, Traian Basescu suggested:

'I expect the worst. Let’s imagine how the situation in Damasc would be. US would call the terrestrial allies, Iran would maintain its support for Siria. Last scenario: al-Assad Government would fall and the National Liberation Front would take over Syria. With whom? The Muslim Bothers, Al-Qaeda? What would happen to Russian influence in Syria if the Assad regime changes? Middle East would explode. Who would follow to Bashar? There is also Russia, with its only Eastern Mediterranean military base. Where would find Russia  'a reward' compensating the damages its prestige would suffer?. There was Georgia following Kosovo. What would be convenient at the moment? Transnistria.’

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