One of the largest onshore wind farms of Europe with a 225 megawatt capacity near the Black Sea coast
Following a development stage of more than four years and a construction phase of approx. one year, VERBUND, Austria's leading electricity company, is putting into operation one of the largest on-shore wind farms of Europe, located near the Romanian Black Sea coast. Roughly one half of the 225 MW wind farm has been
connected to the grid, further wind farms are to follow until the beginning of 2014. The investment volume is approx. € 380 million. A further expansion stage to 280 MW is planned until 2016. "Wind power is the ideal addition to our generation focus of hydropower, and Romania offers good overall conditions for our investment," says  CEO Wolfgang Anzengruber on the occasion of the festive opening in Bucharest.
The wind farm is situated approx. 250 km east of Bucharest, near the Romanian Black Sea coast. The wind conditions there are favourable, similar to that of the German
North Sea coast, with optimum conditions for the implementation of a project of this size. In total, 88 wind power plants can generate some 540 GWh of electricity
annually, enough to supply approx. 350,000 Romanian households with clean wind power. The clean wind energy is fed into the Romanian transmission grid through a
400 kV substation especially erected by VERBUND for this purpose. "With more than 200 MW, we have reached the goal we have set for ourselves. The wind energy in the region, however, has additional expansion potential – the Dobruja is one of the windiest regions in Europe and we intend to use the best locations throughout Europe
for the respective technology," says Anzengruber.

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