Investments in medical development and research in Romania are beneath the European average

According to the European Federation of International Industries and Associations, Romania ranks 21 among 31 European countries in terms of investment and research in medicine. While the European average is EUR 940 millions, in Romania, the funds invested in medical research do not exceed EUR 220 millions.

Nevertheless, there is a significant improvement considering that back in 2008 there were only EUR 30 millions directed to medical development, according to Oana-Martha Igrisan, the Director of Communications at Romanian Association of International Drug Manufacturers (ARPIM) who also said that: 'There's a major beneficial impact of medical innovation, both on patients and on the economy. New therapies are highly efficient, have fewer side-effects and require less recovery time for patients, meaning a reduction in state budget of the expenses related to their treatments .That is why we stress on the importance of continuous investments and at the same time we offer our support so that Romanian patients benefit from the therapies resulting from these investments.'

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