The investment attracted in wind projects in Romania stands at almost 3.5 billion EURO
The combined value of the wind projects in Romania exceeds 3.5 billion Euro and have a total installed  capacity of 2,100 MW. The leading investor in wind energy is Czech group CEZ  with a total of 600 MW in two of the biggest onshore wind farms in Europe, Fantanele and Cogealac. The Ewind project, third in terms of size is located in Pantelimon, Constanta County and  has a capacity of 150 MW when completed. Italian energy giant ENEL holds a  portfolio of 498 MW installed in wind in Romania, being the second largest investor in wind power after CEZ. Energias de Portugal owns the fifth largest functional wind project in Romania, with a capacity of 90 MW, located in Pestera, Constanta county .
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