Romanian car market forecasts around ten percent growth for 2016

According to the Romanian Automotive Manufacturers and Importers Association (APIA), the local auto market this year will continue to grow after the impressive twenty percent growth of 2015, but at a slower pace of around ten to twelve percent. The programs such as the “Rabla” scrappage program has to be adapted to current market needs says Ernest Popovici, the president of APIA. “A program addapted to the European model means that greater incentives should be offered for "green cars", from electric and hybrid models to low carbon dioxide emission cars” believes Popovici.

The local car market grew in 2015 by over twenty percent to almost 120,600 units, the strongest growth was recorded in the segment of commercial vehicles by almost thirty percent to 20,700 units, while passenger cars rose by around nineteen percent to 98,325 units sold in Romania.

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