Romania has the richest energy mix in the region, if not in Europe, says Energy Minister

Romania currently has the richest energy mix in the region, if not in Europe, and should be used as such, Energy Minister Toma Petcu said at a conference.

"The Energy Strategy of Romania is a project that can represent Romania at least in the next 20 years. The document is under discussion at the Ministry of the Environment. My goal is to transform the Romanian Energy Strategy in law, move it to Parliament for discussions and approval. One of our objectives is to increase Romania's energy contribution to conventional markets by providing national primary resources. Romania has, at present, the richest energy mix in the region, not to say in Europe. This energy mix must be highlighted and used as such. Romania has energy independence at the moment, but it is very important to consolidate it, develop it,” Toma Petcu stated, cited by Agerpres.

In November 2016, the Ministry of Energy launched in public consultation the draft of Romania's Energy Strategy 2016-2030, with the prospect of 2050.

"The Energy Strategy we are launching today is the fruit of the energy specialists' effort at an unprecedented level so far. It has been accomplished by about 300 experts in the field and I am glad that our effort to engage with the interested public is reflected in the ideas expressed in this document," the Energy Technician, Victor Grigorescu, added.

The Energy Strategy of Romania launched in consultation late last year has five fundamental objectives: energy security, competitive energy markets, a competitive economy base, clean energy and sustainability of the energy sector, modernization of the energy governance system, vulnerable consumer protection and reduction of the energetic poverty.

According to the Romanian Energy Strategy 2016-2030 data, presented last year by Radu Dudău, the coordinator of the document, natural gas could become the main fuel in 2030 for the domestic energy production, with a 45% share, followed by nuclear energy.

The necessary investments in the Romanian energy sector amounted to 1.5-2 billion euros per year, according to the same preliminary data. 

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