Money available for State Aid

The Government announced the National Budget amendment and approx. EUR 140 mil. (RON 638 mil) were allocated for State Aid for financing investment projects, which is the maximum amount possible for 2017. In this context, the next phase should be that the Romanian authorities announce the opening of the window for applications very soon.


“The state aid scheme for assets was launched in 2014 by the Ministry of Public Finances, with the main purpose to support regional development through investments higher than EUR 10 million, and had a great success in the last application periods, the full budget being requested and approved. The state aid intensity reaches 50% for most of the regions in Romania, with the exceptions of 35% for the West Region and Ilfov and 15%/10% for Bucharest” says Iulian Sorescu, Associated Partner, Head of Financial Department at NOERR.

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