Rom Waste Solutions invested 3 million euros in its waste sorting station

Rom Waste Solutions, one of the most important companies in the field of municipal waste management and recycling in Romania, invested EUR 3 million in the refurbishment of the municipal waste sorting station in Dragomiresti Vale. Rom Waste Solutions processes about 500 tons of waste per day, over one third of municipal waste generated in Bucharest.

"The station now has state-of-the-art specialized equipment that separates the materials into two fractions (2D vs. 3D), each flow being further processed by optical sorting. Practically, sorting, which is now semi-automatic, with an important manual component, will be completely automated and people will be used to control the quality of streams, "says Catalin Culinescu, general manager of Rom Waste Solutions.

The investment doubles the rate of recycling of recyclable materials and increases their quality by lowering impurities in recovered materials. The value of this investment phase was 3 million euros, the total investment plan being about 10 million euros.

The duration of the first phase of modernization of the Dragomiresti Vale station was only 4 weeks.

At the inauguration of the new automatic waste sorting line participated representatives of the Romanian Government, the Romanian Parliament, the Ministry of Environment, the Bucharest City Hall and the City Mayors, the Mayoralties of Dragomiresti Vale and Chitila, as well as representatives of professional associations in the field of waste management.

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