Environment Minister Constantin: Calendar and guides for seven national programmes to be released on 25 March
Source: www.gov.ro

The calendar and guides for seven national programmes, of the 11 that we will have, will be released on 25 March, so that the local public authorities can apply for them, in order to improve the lives of communities that they represent, Environment Minister Daniel Constantin stated.

"Although only two months have passed since the ministries were taken over, we are prepared to launch more programmes, many more compared to the number of programmes that were launched last year, that will be funded by the Environment Fund, from the sources that we have at the Finance Ministry from the the emission of carbon dioxide. On 25 March, together with the Prime Minister, we will have an event where we propose to release the calendar and guides for 7 national programmes, of the 11 that we have. The local public authorities can be beneficiaries and can apply for some of them (programmes - e.n.), in order to improve the lives of communities they represent. And I refer here to the Rabla programme, the Rabla Plus, where we can double the bonuses for electric cars," said Constantin, who attended the meeting of the General Assembly of the Municipalities Association of Romania.

He mentioned that currently the Environment Ministry is working on solving some infringement procedures existing on the waste and pollution area.

Moreover, Constantin claims that an awareness programme will be launched, which local public authorities can apply for, considering that currently the daily concern on what environmental protection means is not a specific one to a modern society.

In his opinion, many of the projects lodged on the 2017-2013 financial scheme for integrated waste management systems on the waste area are not working, because improvements, as well as amendments to the public acquisition law need to be made, and the national plan of waste management hasn't been completed on the current 2014-2020 schedule.

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