Foreign Minister: Romania is ready to receive another 1,942 refugees

Foreign Minister Teodor Meleşcanu stated that Romania has advanced an offer to receive 1,942 refugees from Greece and Italy, given that in our country there are already around 700 refugees.

"Recently, we made an offer to 1,942 refugees from Greece and Italy, whom we can relocate to Romania. We have on our territory about 700 such refugees, but besides these things I want to say very directly that Romania participates in massive operations in the Mediterranean to stop the influx of refugees and saving those who dare to venture in such actions, "said Minister Of Foreign Affairs Teodor Melescanu at Realitatea TV.

Melescanu also said that Romania expressed its solidarity with the refugee issue, although it did not agree with the fixing of fixed quotas.

"Obviously, the issue of migration and refugees is in two distinct categories. The former are refugees for political reasons, war causes, but there is also an economic migration, especially from countries with failed regimes, with very difficult living conditions. Romania expressed its solidarity, although we went on the idea that it is not normal to have fixed quotas. At the same time, we have shown our willingness to receive a certain number of refugees, " Melescanu also said.

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