Egypt pays 15.5 mln dollar for Romanian wheat

This week the government of the African country bought 60,000 tons of wheat from Romania, paying nearly 15.5 million dollar given the price of 257.77 dollar/ton, reads a notification on the website of the General Authority for Supply Commodities (GASC) quoted by Mediafax.

The supplier is the French global grain trader Invivo, with operations in Romania, too, the period between September 21 and 30, 2014 being agreed for delivering the grain whose price does not include insurance tax. Egypt has already purchased over 400,000 tons of wheat from Romania, to date, for a price ranging from 255.88 to 263.35 dollar/ton, according

In addition to the grain bought from Romania, Egypt, the largest wheat importer worldwide, will also be delivered 115,000 tons of wheat from Russia, but at higher prices which vary from 259.29 to 259.43 dollar/ton.

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