Over 200 Romanian farmers to supply vegetables to four hypermarket chains

Four of the largest hypermarket chains in Romania are extending their product range by including a selection of more than 35 vegetables provided by domestic producers. Over 200 farmers in southern Romania will supply starting June, about 10,000 tons of vegetables to hypermarkets across the country under the new programme, “Dor de gust”, launched by producers and merchants for promoting domestic production, announces Agerpres.

This initiative belongs to the Vegetable Growers Association which was supported by the Inter-branch Organization for Fruits and Vegetables and the Romanian Farmers Communication Center. Agricover Group is a promoter of the programme as well, and thus, will provide the necessary operational platform incorporating logistical, technical, financial, and risk management services.

“We aim to deliver this year 10,000 tons of a list of over 35 vegetables. Obviously, we are targeting more than that, but it all depends on quality, seasonality, and retail demand. At the moment, orders from supermarkets are on a weekly basis, and delivery is made in a day or two days, depending on their requirements”, said Robert Arsene, General Manager of Agricover, quoted by the newswire.

Kaufland, Auchan, Cora and Selgros are the first retailers that entered this programme and will market vegetables provided by farmers in the southern region of the countries, from the most famous vegetable growers' areas such as Vidra, Izbiceni, Dracea, Nuci, Lunguletu, Gheorghe Doja, Mariuta. Also, there are ongoing negotiations with other retail chains, so it is expected that this initiative will be further expanded in more supermarkets by this fall.

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