The first corporate car sharing solution in Romania

In the context of the shift towards auto-mobility – electric cars, autonomous driving, route optimization technology – Porsche Finance Group launches the first corporate car sharing solution in Romania, under the group’s international brand. 

Named Sharetoo, the new solutionis addressed to both companies with flexible mobility needs and their employees.

“Corporate car sharing allows companies to optimize their fleet management and significantly reduce fleet-related costs on the long term. It’s an attractive and efficient mobility solution, with benefits both for employees and employers. The former can use fleet cars not only for business trips, but also for personal purposes, for extra comfort and time saved”, said David Gedlička, CEO Porsche Finance Group Romania.

Flexibility is at the core of the product, as companies can configure their car fleet according to their own needs: they can choose from all Volkswagen Group brands that are commercialized by Porsche Romania and can set the desired period with transparent individual cost allocation.

“The process is very easy: team members log into an online platform and book a car, which they pick up using their phone, without a key. We were encouraged by the positive feedback from the pilot project, where more than 600 people had access to this service“, says Radu Manea, Head of Fleet Management Division at Porsche Finance Group.

Romania, one of the first markets to implement the new solution

The service has been tested since 2016 under the local RideON brand, making Romania one of the first markets to implement this solution. In the pilot stage it was used by the Porsche employees in Romania and a few strategic, long-term partners. Furthermore, the local initiative inspired other markets to test the idea and contributed to the international joint approach of the Porsche Bank Group, under the new Sharetoobrand.

“We have started the car sharing project, initially called RideON, with a dedicated and motivated team of Porsche Finance Group employees, with whom we have developed a successful pilot project. We have started everything from scratch, from an idea that we all believed in, which motivated us to continue, with passion and confidence. The pilot project started in Romania is a major part of the Group’s new strategic business direction: sharetoo - Mobility by Porsche Bank”, added Andrei Constantinescu, CFO Porsche Finance Group Romania.

The new service is available starting October 10th, 2017 and offers two types of corporate car sharing products, to begin with. The first product is aimed at companies with increased mobility needs, which want to use a fleet that is customized to their individual needs while providing an additional benefit to the employees at the same time.

The second product is aimed at the national network of Porsche Romania’s authorized dealers, with whom Porsche Finance Group wishes to reach national coverage for the new car sharing solution.Sharetoofleet can be fully tailored to each customer’s individual needs and is based on the Volkswagen Group brands.

AllSharetoocars are equipped with the latest car sharing technology, which enables fleet management and monitoring, by means of a dedicated interface, as well as a simple user experience for the final customer.

The cars can be opened and closed directly from the smartphone, using an app available on Android and IOS systems.

“Car sharing brings a unique proposition: the promise of convenience and the idea that access is often more efficient than ownership. The shift towards auto-mobility has happened - electric cars, autonomous driving, route optimization technology will transform the way customers use cars. As a leader in our industry, we want to be at the forefront of these changes and the launch of Sharetoois a step in this direction“, stated Brent Valmar, General Manager Porsche Romania.

The service is officially launched in Romania and Austria and will be available on all group markets in the next years. In the future, the program will also include a solution for private clients.

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