Dacian Ciolos supports raising salaries if deficit limit is not exceeded

The designated Romanian Premier, Dacian Ciolos, has recently declared that he would support PSD's proposal to raise salaries for state workers by 10 percent, if such an action would not, in any way, cause the budgetary deficit to go over the three percent target, Mediafax reports.

Apparently he stated this as a completion to the assurance he gave several PSD leaders that all previously approved measures, especially those thusly adopted by former Prime Minister Victor Ponta, would not be modified or repealed.

The principal sensitive subject seems to have been that of the possibility of raising salaries for those being paid out of the state budget, and, in this respect, the current designated Prime Minister stated that he shall analyze this proposal to make sure the deficit limit will not be exceeded. This limit seems to be the guideline in adopting all future measures.

Government representatives assured Ciolos that this measure will not influence the deficit in any way, since it was a measure already included in the 2016 budgetary plan. Therefore, the OUG 35/2015 will include a 25 percent raise in salaries for health workers and a 10 percent increase for other state employees which have not received previous raises. The measure is supposed to go into effect on December 1st 2015.

Currently, Romania is going through quite the political reform, and, the tumult caused by protests, the Government's removal, and, general social disquiet all call for a rapid and efficient solution in order that stability might return to the country.

It is important for the state to be able to function effectively again, especially during this time of particular social distress both nationally and internationally.

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