Industrial production prices fall

Romania's National Statistics Institute observed that industrial production prices have been falling compared to August 2015 as well as September 2014.

Therefore, compared to August 2015, industrial production prices have fallen by 0,4 percent whereas in the energy industry there has been a 1,3 percent fall. As far as rising prices, those have been registered in the capital goods industry, a 0,5 percent rise to be exact, whereas in the convenience goods area there has been a 0,2 percent rise.In September 2015, compared to the same month of 2014 the industrial production prices have fallen in the energy industry by -10,1 percent and in the intermediate goods industry by -1,6 percent. These are significant drops. The capital goods industry has also seen a drop, -0,1 percent more precisely.As far as rises in prices the long term use goods industry has seen a 1,3 percent increase and current use goods industry has seen a 1,5 percent increase.The metallurgy industry has had a -6,1 percent drop in prices in September 2015 compared to the same month of 2014, while in August the decrease was -3,6 percent.The internal industrial market has seen a 0,3 percent decrease in prices whereas the external market has been witness to an even greater 0,4 percent compared to August.

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