Reflection and taking actions for Sustainable Development in Romania

We aimed the ”Sustainable economic growth through Sustainability Reporting” Forum to be a good preamble for the 25thConference of the Parties (COP 25) in Madrid, to increase awareness on the sustainability trends and nowadays threats for the planet.

Creating a sustainable global economy is a challenge - by engaging stakeholders, creating value and involving the organizations to innovate and find actions to mitigate the CO2emission reduction and to find tailored adaptation measures in the community for the climate change effects. 

TheForumtook place in a critical moment, when leaders from different fields collaborate, connect and disseminate useful information for future use internally in order to manage the business in a sustainable way. 

We engaged important business influencers and representatives which offered examples of good practices which can be replicated as well as new approach examples in mitigating the CO2emissions of certain activities.

What we have learnt is that acting and not giving up is the keyfor going ahead and find solutions for sustainability and resilience. Sharing experiences and know-how could motivate others to act.

We wanted to spread information along with our network, and to motivate other organizations to engage, share knowledge and motivate people, thus we can fight against the climate change.

Our individual and group responsibility is to act and find solutions for the future.

As a reminder please don’t forget to:

  • Measure your impacts:by calculating the organization carbon footprint you can establish a good baseline for future actions;

  • Stakeholders dialogue: it is very important to identify which are the expectations of your most important stakeholders. Don’t neglect their specific interest. You depend on them.

  • Mitigate your impacts: if you made the deep diving and assessed your impact, you are already on the right track. Also, if you have assessed the stakeholders’ needs you could find the best route for long-term performance. During the assessment you will identify key aspects where you could create sustainable value and you could tailor paths for future positive impacts in the community, as well as for your business.

  • Set objectives: you can evaluate the creation of your potential positive impact after assessment and feasibility analysis of the potential mitigation measures foreseen and try to set up specific objectives for the business, in line with the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). It is a must to commit and to be engaged. The local and global community needs your commitment and persuasive approach.

  • Put your plan INTO Actions: create the internal and external perspectives for implementation. Get the management commitment and resources needed to proceed. Set programs and specific projects which could add value on medium and long-term perspectives. Don’t forget to have partners on board. Synergy creation could be very beneficial.

  • Monitor: Always monitor the performance achievements. Set suitable KPIs (key performance indicators) and don’t forget to change some priorities if this is needed, however always in the right direction of your actions.

  • Calculate the value of the impact created: be smart and evaluate the monetary impact created by your actions using different standards. The positive impact created will add value on the profit and loss account on long term for your business. Don’t forget about Social Return on Investment instrument or Sustainability Accounting framework.

  • Report: Communication of the performance achievements is the key. Being transparent towards your stakeholders will add value and recognize your effort. You can develop the Sustainability Report and share your activities insights and your drivers for sustainability.

” The consultants are NOT the smartest people on Earth, however they can cooperate with you and your team to shorten the way to the Sustainability, mitigating your internal resources usage and adding a complementary competences and expertise to better structure the work. Thus, you could achieve fastest the targeted objectives. Also, the consultants could be very good advisors and persuaders for the management in reshaping the business strategy for a long-term perspective” says Fistiș Gabriela – Managing Director denkstatt Romania 

We appreciated very much the audience and the speakers, the connections made, the sharing context, good practices examples and we will continue next year with other meaningful insights for all of you.


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