The Government approved the 5G Strategy for Romania

The Romanian government adopted the 5G Strategy for Romania, a technology that should bring Internet speeds up to 20 times faster. The adoption of this strategy places Romania alongside 12 other countries that have already launched 5G strategies, including Austria, Denmark, France, Germany and Italy.

The Government is aiming at launching services in 2020 and 5G coverage of all urban centers and main land transport routes by 2025. By implementing this strategy, Romania will catalyze the economic and social developments induced by technology, will develop the human capital, expecting the creation of over 250,000 jobs and a multiplication effect of the integration of the new technologies in the economic life of over 4, 7 billion euros, thus contributing to the EU's goal of becoming a global leader in 5G technology, authorities say.

"The Government is proposing an ambitious program for the implementation of the new generation of technologies in mobile communications, through the adoption of the 5G Strategy for Romania and the projection of the next decades of evolution in the field of communications. The new generation of mobile technology, 5G, will create a connectivity environment much higher than the 4G generation and will significantly contribute to inclusion and increase productivity in the economy, " said Alexandru Petrescu, Minister of Communications and Information Society.

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