First electric charging station launched in a fuel station network in Romania, powered by OMV Petrom and Electrica
Largest oil and gas producer in South East Europe, OMV Petrom together with Romania's largest energy distributor Electrica inaugurated yesterday the first out of six pilot fast charging stations dedicated to electric cars. 

The station is situated in northern Bucharest, on Aerogarii Boulevard. Three others will also be available in Bucharest OMV Petrom fuel stations, while two will be situated on OMV Petrom City and Electrica's premises. "The electric cars can charge 80% of the batteries in 30 minutes at the fast charging stations, and the cost is 1 RON/kWh," explained Ramiro Angelescu, Electrica Sales Director, but the service is free for drivers that choose to wash their car at OMV Petrom station. In comparison, the currently free charging points at Mega Image take up to three hours for charging 80% of the batteries.

„The transformations and trends in the energy and mobility field are topics we follow closely. Even if the electric car market is still at the beginning, and in the next decade oil will continue to be the main source of energy at a global level, we want to adopt new technologies to sustain the continuous development of the range of products and services we offer,” explained Adrian Nicolaescu, Retail Manager OMV Petrom. A fast charging station costs 30,000 Euro.The current PSD governing program includes at least 20,000 charging point locations for electric vehicles by January 1, 2020. 

According to the Association of Car Producers and Importers APIA, in the first nine months of 2016 the number of electric and hybrid cars doubled to 700, compared to 333 in first nine months of 2015.
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