Radu și Asociații assisted Nuclearelectrica in the transaction concluded with Compania Națională a Uraniului

Radu şi Asociații SPRL provided legal assistance to S.N. Nuclearelectrica S.A., the only nuclear energy producer in Romania, with respect to the project concerning the taking over of the uranium oxide processing line from Compania Națională a Uraniului S.A., Feldioara Branch.

The strategic decision to acquire a part of the Feldioara assets necessary for the processing of the raw material took into account the need for integrated production capacities at the level of S.N. Nuclearelectrica S.A. and, equally, ensuring the production of fuel bundles and the optimal operation of FCN Pitești and CNE Cernavodă, in the context of expanding the capacity of the nuclear power plant, and maintaining the nuclear fuel cycle at national level, at an advantageous transaction cost.

The Radu şi Asociații SPRL team, coordinated by Andrei Stefanovici (Director), consisted of Alexandra Constantin (Senior Associate, Regulatory) and Irina Bica (Senior Associate, Corporate and Real Estate). Anca Atanasiu (Managing Associate) and Ana Flueran (Senior Associate) managed the labor and intellectual property law aspects of the transaction. 

The legal assistance provided consisted in conducting a legal due diligence analysis regarding the Feldioara Branch of Compania Națională a Uraniului S.A. and the assets that were the subject of the sale as well as in the support provided to S.N. Nuclearelectrica S.A. regarding the drafting and negotiation of the sale-purchase contract and the transaction documents.

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