Rompetrol Rafinare recorded the highest output for Petromidia refinery in May

Petromidia refinery processed a record amount of more than 465,000 tons of raw materials in May, the highest level since 1979 when it was commissioned, KMG International announced. The previous production record of 14,000 tons per day was therefore surpassed upon the upgrade and production capacity increase to over 5 million tons annually.

The record results were corroborated by improvement in terms of energy and operational efficiency supported by investment of more than 1.3 billion dollar: “Thanks to investments in excess of 1.3 billion dollar on the Petromidia platform by KMG International and its sole shareholder KazMunayGas – the oil and gas company of Kazakhstan, the refinery managed to improve its energy efficiency and maintain mechanical (97 percent) and operational (96.8 percent) availability in the month of May, leading to a significant reduction of processing costs by approximately 2 USD/ton (18.3 USD/ton)”, said Alexandru Nicolcioiu, Chief Production Officer at KMG International.

Also, the company recorded its best Diesel production output (49.5 percent), with produced and delivered fuels of over 231,000 tons. In the same month, the fuel output (petrol, Diesel, jet fuel) went up to 87.9 percent, exceeding the record level of 85.6 percent reached in 2013. 

Supported by the results in terms of production, KMG International recorded, through the Midia Marine Terminal, more than 270,000 tons of oil products processed through the Midia Port berths in May. 

„More than 200 ships transited the berths of the Midia Port in the January - May 2014 period, with a total quantity of crude unloaded at the off-shore Black Sea marine terminal reaching over 17 million tons from its putting into operation at the end of 2008. With its maximum annual capacity of 24 million tons, the terminal reduced the supply costs of the refinery by approximately USD 120 million, with the investments allotted by KMG International for its construction being already amortised when reaching the 15 million ton level", stated Ioan Taus, General Manager of Midia Marine Terminal. 

More than 212,000 tons of finished products have been transited through berth 9 of the Midia Port in the month of May, a 6 percent advance compared to the record level achieved in June 2013. Additionally, 52 ships have been operated through the company berths in May 2014. 

KMG International, formerly Rompetrol Group, owns the Petromidia Navodari and Vega Ploiesti refineries and operates more than 1,100 fuel distribution stations in Romania, France, Spain, Republic of Moldova, Georgia and Bulgaria under the Rompetrol and Dyneff brand names. 


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