The objectives accomplished by the current Cabinet in the energy field
The revitalization of two of the major companies in which the state is a shareholder, the Oltenia Power Complex and the Hunedoara Energy Complex, as well as the completion of an investment of 23.5 million lei in the CE Oltenia, are among the objectives accomplished by the current Cabinet in the field of energy, according to an official balance sheet.

"Two of the big companies in which the state is a shareholder have been revived: the Oltenia Energy Complex has registered profit for the first time, reporting for the first half of the year a net profit of over 307 million lei. Hunedoara Energetic Complex reduced its losses in the first half of the year by 52.4% compared to the same period last year. We have completed the investment of 23.5 million lei, to Oltenia CE, for the modernization of Işalnita thermal power plant", the document reads. 

An Emergency Arrangement with Bulgaria has also been signed, which stipulates for mutual assistance if one of the countries faces difficulties in supplying electricity.

"The National Water Management Center was set up to manage Romania's heavy water resource at a national level, an important measure in the context of negotiations for Cernavoda nuclear reactors 3 and 4. In September we had eight rounds of negotiations with Chinese partners for reactors 3 and 4." the balance sheet said. 

According to the same source, the BRUA gas pipeline project, which will ensure the access of Romanian gas to the Central European markets, was unblocked at the meeting of the CESEC high-level group held in Bucharest in September. At the same time, Romgaz has begun building a new gas plant in Iernut, the biggest investment made by a state-owned energy company in recent years, worth 268 million euros, excluding VAT.

At the same time, the Ministry of Energy has received the status of competent authority regarding the future exploitation of the Black Sea.

It is also mentioned the 10th session of the intergovernmental commission for economic cooperation Romania - Republic of Moldova, where it was agreed: the interconnection of the electricity networks between the two countries (the initial investment being estimated at about 300 million euro, of which 40 million in form of EU grant). The two states want to work together to extend the European financing of the Iasi-Ungheni-Chisinau gas pipeline by 10 million euros.

The document also speaks about the interconnection between Romania and Serbia through a new 400 kV electric air line on the Reşiţa-Pancevo relationship. 

"The Energy Ministry has set up a commission to verify that investments made by energy distributors are in line with the terms of concession contracts and whether bills actually reflect the services they offer," the balance sheet authors say. 

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