Tinmar Energy launched energy package offers for residential consumers

Tinmar Energy, the largest electricity and gas supply company with domestic private capital, enters the domestic consumer market with products tailored to residential consumers.

Thus, Tinmar Energy aims to provide electricity and gas supply services to domestic consumers in Romania, with national coverage. It plans to reach 1 million households in the following three years, out of the 7 million existing in Romania. 

"In 2016, Tinmar Energy was already a leader in the business to business energy market. It was time for us to open up to household consumers. But we did not want to talk to people as a leader. We think this is a trap. We wanted to understand exactly what the needs of consumers are and what their expectations are. We have assumed our position as a category challenger because we want to focus not only on communication but on the whole business on relevance in people's lives. We want to change the paradigm and make people re-evaluate the relationship with utilities suppliers, " says Carla Parnică, Corporate Communication Manager, Tinmar Energy.

With over 17 years in the energy sector, Tinmar Energy currently serves 1,400 corporate clients, offering also green energy to consumers, produced in its 50 MW solar photovoltaic parks. 

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