Partnership between Telekom Romania and Alior Bank for a new digital financial project
Telekom Romania and Alior Bank, one of the largest banks in Poland, have developed a new digital financial project. 

Telekom Banking services will be launched gradually, starting with two pillars - daily banking operations and a new solution on the Romanian market, the Online Currency Exchange platform. Customers can open current accounts in RON, EUR, USD and GBP, attach debit cards to these accounts, and benefit from 24/7 access to funds through Internet and mobile banking solutions. 

The current account can be requested online via the mobile application or visiting one of the Telekom and Germanos stores. 

Through the offers of Telekom Banking, clients who open a current account can benefit from free withdrawals from any ATM in the country and abroad for three years, and free of charge transfers to any bank in Romania through online internet banking and mobile banking.

Through the Online Currency Exchange platform, customers benefit from a ten-currency exchange rate, updated in real-time, at a maximum of 10 seconds (on weekdays). Customers can also set out in detail the conditions they want to make currency exchanges - for example, they can set the date and time they want to make the exchange and the exchange rate at which they want the transaction to take place. The "Pay later" option allows the customer to make currency exchanges without having the full amount available. It is necessary to hold at least 5% of the traded amount, and within two business days to ensure the difference needed to complete the transaction.

Through the Bank Shop-in-Shop corner, introduced in selected Telekom and Germanos stores, additional bank services, including credit products, will be offered. The Shop-in-Shop network will be systematically extended over the next year, targeting 120 stores.
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