FDI, to the maximum of the last four years

The foreign direct investments (FDI) have reached in 2013 the highest level of the past four years, confirming the positive evolution mostly seen in the second half of the year when exports actually boomed. According to a report released by Romania’s Central Bank (BNR), the investments of non-resident in our country came to 2.71 billion euro – almost 27 percent more than in 2012.

Of the 2.71 billion euro, equity stakes consolidated with the estimated net loss amounted to about 1.8 billion and intra-group loans, to some 937 million euro.

In 2013, the balance-of-payment current account posted a deficit of 1.5 billion euro, much reduced in comparison with 2012 (then, it was almost four times higher, totaling 5.8 billion euro), due to the decrease in trade deficit, as well as the increase in service surplus and current transfers surplus.

The high-record level in terms of foreign direct investments was reached in 2008 - almost 9.5 billion euro. Since then, the economic crisis has strongly affected these investments volume which have decreased year-on-year.

Last year was the first signal of emerging from the turmoil the investment sector has been passing through for the past years, the FDI turning on an upward trend, after a significant growth over 2011 – the FDI reached nearly 2.14 billion euro in 2012, whereas with a year ago, it totaled only 1.8 billion euro. 

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