Globalworth lists corporate bonds worth 550 million euros on the BVB

Globalworth Real Estate Investment Limited, one of the leading real estate investment companies in Central and Eastern Europe, in partnership with BT Capital Partners, the financial group of Banca Transilvania, announces the second admission to trading on the Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB) of the corporate bonds issued by the company (symbol GWI25), with a total value of EUR 550 million.

"Over the years, Globalworth has successfully completed a series of benchmark transactions that have allowed us to become one of the most important investors in the office buildings market in Romania and Poland. The listing of the company's first bonds on the Bucharest Stock Exchange last year was a benchmark for us, representing at the same time a record for the local market. Today, we announce a new step in our development: the second admission to trading of corporate bonds issued by the company. This follows our growth plans, aiming to become the largest office building company in the whole region, and confirms once again the promise to continue investing in the loyal market and delivering the best product to our partners ours, "said Dimitris Raptis, Deputy CEO and Globalworth Chief Investment Officer.

The total amount of corporate bonds issued by the company is similar to that of 2017 (symbol GWI22), respectively EUR 550 million, funds to be invested in new projects.

"The recordings are set to be knocked down or matched. In this case, Globalworth equaled the record that it set last year on the Bucharest Stock Exchange: more than half a billion euros in corporate bonds. It is the best example for other companies to look more towards the capital market as a source of financing, "said Adrian Tanase, CEO of the Bucharest Stock Exchange.

"We are glad to return for the second consecutive year with our Globalworth partners with a new bond listing listing on the Bucharest Stock Exchange. Thus, BT Capital Partners continues its commitment to increase the financial intermediation in Romania and to develop the Bucharest Stock Exchange, "said Paul Prodan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of BT Capital Partners.

Globalworth corporate bonds are traded on the Bucharest Stock Exchange in euro and the settlement is made directly in euro. For the first time in Romania, starting with last year, the direct payment into the European currency was implemented at the Bucharest Stock Exchange, which shows the maturity and the development of the local capital market. By implementing the Settlement Rules and Practices by the Central Depositary in mature European markets, the BVB Group contributes significantly to increasing Romania's degree of trust and attractiveness for foreign investors.

Globalworth corporate bonds have also been admitted to trading on the regulated market of the Irish Stock Exchange.

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