Investors can apply for funding through state aid scheme starting September 10
The Ministry of Public Finance announced that starting Monday, September 10, 2018, investors can apply for funding through State Aid schemes, aimed to stimulate investments with a major impact on the economy.

The applications for financing agreement, together with the supporting documents, shall be sent to the General Register of the Ministry of Public Finance, mentioning on the envelope: "The implementation unit of the state aid scheme established by H.G. no. 807/2014 ".

The budget allocated to the scheme in 2018 for the issuance of pay-back agreements in the period 2019-2021 is 614 million lei.

Initially, the Government announced the opening of the state aid scheme on August 27, 2018, taking into account that the order for rectification of the state budget law was already in place.

The budget of 614 million lei represents the first budget allocation in 2018 from the budget of the unused state aid scheme until 2018 amounting to 1.8 billion lei.

Requests for funding agreement are reviewed and resolved in the order of registration and within the commitment and budget approvals approved by annual budget laws.

The Ministry of Public Finance will publish on its website, on a weekly basis, the list of requests for financing agreement submitted and the status of their analysis (in the analysis, agreement was issued, a rejection letter was issued, pending, as the case may be).

"If, following the evaluation, letters of rejecting applications for funding agreement are issued, and thus commitment and budget appropriations remain available for pending grant agreement applications that have not been the subject of the assessment due to the fact that the aid requested exceeded the allocated budget, will be analyzed in order of registration. For Requests for Financing Agreement initially pending, the deadlines for analysis / settlement provided by the normative act will run from the date of publication on the website of the Ministry of Public Finance of the weekly list of applications submitted ", reads the press release.

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