MFP announced five grant agreements under the state aid scheme

The Ministry of Finance signed five more grant agreements under the state aid scheme for stimulating major investments, as established by GD 807/2014. 

The approved projects will create 1,272 new jobs, have a total value of 1 billion lei and the state aid for their financing is of 358.6 million lei. These projects will contribute 418.1 million lei to regional development through the additional taxes paid.

In order to facilitate access to finance for as many investors as possible, MFP has increased the budget of the state aid scheme by over 1 billion lei in the second budget rectification this year. Thus, the total budget in 2018 allocated to the state aid scheme established by GD 807/2014 exceeded 1.6 billion lei.

Beneficiaries of the five new grant agreements are:

Automobile DACIA S.A. for an investment project for expanding the production capacity of Automobile Dacia SA in order to increase production. The approved state aid amount is 115.8 million lei.

Swoboda Sibiu the project aims to extend the production capacity for sensors in the automotive industry, the value of the approved state aid being 17 million lei.

Sogefi Suspensions Eastern Europe applied for an investment project to set up a factory for the production of components for the suspension system in automotive. The approved state aid amount is 104 million lei.

Omnia Europe submitted a greenfield investment for the production of starch, maltodextrin, gluten, fodder gluten and maize germs, and the amount of approved state aid is 80.5 million lei.

Martur Automotive Seating And Interiors applied with a project aimed at expanding the capacity of the unit in order to manufacture car seat components and assembled car seats, and the approved state aid amount is 41.3 million lei.

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