Porsche Finance Group Romania launches the e2go brand for electric mobility financial solutions
Source: David Gedlicka, CEO Porsche Finance Group
Porsche Finance Group launches a complete range of products dedicated to supporting electric mobility, under the e2go brand. The package of services offered to customers of vehicles distributed through the Porsche Romania dealer network includes financing options for the purchase of electric or plug-in hybrid cars, special insurance, service or maintenance solutions. Customers can also associate the funded electric vehicle with a domestic car charging station.

People who opt for electric mobility solutions benefit from exemption from paying car tax (50% discount for hybrid cars) and eco-tickets through the Rabla Plus program worth 45,000 lei for the purchase of 100% electric cars and 20,000 lei for new plug-in hybrid cars. In addition, supply costs are kept to a minimum and the impact on the environment during operation can be reduced to zero.

"Switching to electric mobility means more than just buying a car. We have created a complete offer to meet specific financing needs of both the car and household charging stations for electric or hybrid models. We have thought of special insurance and maintenance products, both for individuals and legal entities ", said David Gedlička, CEO of Porsche Finance Group Romania.

"We are part of a major technological revolution with a focus on alternative propulsion solutions, and the role of the Porsche Finance Group is to facilitate the potential for this conversion, from which we will all benefit," added David Gedlička.

The purchase of an electric car through Porsche Finance Group Romania can be done through any of the available financial products: car loan, Classic Financial Leasing, Perfect Leasing and Operational Leasing.

eCasco, the product for electric car insurance, retains the benefits of the classic Porsche Insurance and additionally covers risks specific to these models.

The e2Go package also includes the eSERVICE solution for the maintenance of electrical models. It covers interventions, checks and inspections for such models.

Customers can choose, together with the electric vehicle, to buy, directly from the distributor, also charging stations for use, useful when parking at dedicated stations nearby is not possible.
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