ROMAERO obtains the second bank financing totaling 59 million lei
Source: Andra Buțiu, Senior Partner CIT Restructuring

After accessing OG6 for debt restructuring to the state budget, ROMAERO obtains, under the guidance of CIT Restructuring, the second bank financing worth 14 million lei for 36 months, to support the current activity . ROMAERO also accessed a financing also offered by CEC Bank, worth 45 million lei for 60 months, in August of this year for the payment of historical debts.

„The use of the facilities established by OG6 / 2019 by ROMAERO and the access in such a short time of two different financing lines is a premiere both for this procedure and especially for the market. It shows us that the legal framework established for the financial restructuring of companies is working. Certainly, ROMAERO will be a benchmark in the evolution of prevention procedures in business and in what means restructuring outside insolvency in Romania. On too few occasions a company with historical debts obtains financing, and the ROMAERO project is an example of good practice at national level, and even for the markets of other European countries. It is an exemplary long-term collaboration effort between CIT Restructuring experts and institutions with an impact on the revitalization of ROMAERO, including CEC Bank, ANAF, Ministry of Economy, Energy and Business Environment ”said Andra Buțiu, Senior Partner CIT Restructuring, a CITR company , part of Impetum Group.

The main fiscal facilities provided by Government Ordinance 6 refer to the restructuring of budgetary obligations, with the cancellation of accessories and the reduction of main obligations. Thus, the "fiscal amnesty" for companies proves its viability in the largest and most complex business restructuring process carried out based on Government Ordinance 6/2019 so far in Romania.

"ROMAERO is on the right track, and the Ministry of Economy, Energy and Business Environment is supporting the company on its path to financial restructuring. The loan secured and approved by the GMS will provide the much-needed working capital for a company preparing to be reborn and grow, as well as the funds to enable the use of financial restructuring facilities. ROMAERO is a strategic company, has important partnerships with other reputable companies in the aerospace industry, and with the support of the Ministry of Economy, Energy and Business Environment and by implementing the restructuring plan, will continue to provide quality services to these international partners, contributing and to ensure national security, but also to create added value for the economy ", underlines Virgil-Daniel POPESCU, Minister of Economy, Energy and Business Environment.

Romanian entrepreneurs have two more weeks to submit to ANAF the notification of the intention to restructure the budget debts, subsequently being necessary to submit a restructuring plan, which can be done in partnership with a restructuring specialist.

The financing product offered by CEC Bank and accessed by ROMAEO was adapted to the prerogatives of OG6 in record time, in response to the needs of the market to create accessible financing lines for the revitalization of the Romanian entrepreneurial environment.

Since last year, ROMAERO has had the opportunity to export its production to Patriot systems worldwide, and raises the Romanian defense industry as a standard in the global security system.

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