Labor Minister: Romana has a large workforce deficit and many socially assisted families

Romania has a large labor force deficit, mainly in construction, IT, agriculture and healthcare, declared labor Minister Lia Olguta Vasilescu.

"The largest labor shortage that Romania currently has is in construction, IT, agriculture and healthcare. The most problematic sectors are construction and agriculture, as the majority of people who left the country are working in these areas in the EU pointed out the minister. "Construction and agriculture are the most problematic, but the majority of people who left the country are working in these areas in the EU"

According to her, companies are no longer bidding for projects because they do not find workers. The government official said that the unemployment rate in Romania is currently 4.18%.

"We are calculating differently from the National Statisctic Institute INS, as the INS uses the European method that is more based on surveys. We are working with the data available to Revisal and the Labor Ministry, so the actual unemployment the current time is 4.18%, "Vasilescu said.

The minister added that the information that there are 6 million social assistants in Romania is not real as all the children who benefit from the allowances are included here, but they can not be described as people who may work and will not.

"We have at present 240,000 families with children on the 416 (Minimum Guaranteed Income Law - no), which is the real figure.We also figured out that we are already talking about the third generation unemployed. They are not unemployed, never wanted to work and a cult of the poor man has been installed in their family, unfortunately. Starting in August this year, an emergency ordinance is in force, which stipulates that if a child has 10 absenteeism in school, 20% of the social support of the family will be cut and if he has 20 absences will be 50% cut because this is because we want to reduce illiteracy, and those children are not all their lives assisted socially in the care of the state, " the minister said.

At the level of these families, children are retired at school early, and if they are withdrawn before the eighth grade, they will be all their lives socially assisted, because they will not even be qualified as apprentices.

Vasilescu also said that there is a draft law in the Parliament stipulating that a person who has refused a job will no longer receive social assistance or unemployment benefit.   

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