Arçelik becomes carbon neutral in global production operations
Source: Arctic plant in Ulmi, Romania

Arçelik announces it has managed to become carbon neutral in global production with its own carbon credits and has thus taken another important step in the fight against climate change. The Arçelik Group operates in almost 150 countries, and in Romania, it is present through the appliance manufacturer Arctic, with two factories, in Găești and Ulmi, where refrigerators and washing machines are produced.

By developing products that use fewer resources and are accessible to all, in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for 2030, Arçelik marks an important milestone in sustainability efforts.

"Under the carbon finance project for energy-efficient refrigerators in Turkey, between 2013 and 2018, we obtained the right to reduce equivalent emissions of 305,407 tons of CO2. With this carbon credit, which we obtained by introducing innovative refrigerators with a high level of energy efficiency on the Turkish market, we have achieved a significant change in the business model towards technology, so that our global production facilities will become carbon neutral in fiscal years 2019 and 2020. For us, sustainability is both a necessity for the future and a profitable business model, ”said Hakan Bulgurlu, CEO of Arçelik.

The carbon finance project was initiated by Arçelik, under the guidance of GAIA Carbon Finance in 2013. The credit of 305,407 tonnes of CO2 obtained by Arçelik through the financing project was verified by RINA, a third party audit company, in accordance with international standards. in the field. The company will use this credit to offset its direct and indirect emissions (areas 1 and 2) generated in global production facilities in 2019 * (verified by an independent third party institution, BSI Group) and 2020 and thus become neutral in terms of of carbon emissions in global production in fiscal years 2019 and 2020, without purchasing a carbon offset credit, in accordance with the carbon neutrality standard PAS 2060.

In Romania, the washing machine factory in Ulmi, inaugurated a year ago, contributes significantly to combating climate change. The production unit integrates technological innovations, being focused on recycling and efficient use of resources. Thanks to efficient wastewater treatment and rainwater collection systems, a quantity of water equivalent to the consumption of 450 households is recycled here annually. At the same time, the plant manages to reduce annual CO2 emissions by 363 tons, through a photovoltaic system that produces 1 million kWh / year.

The production unit is the first Industry 4.0 factory in Romania to receive the LEED Platinum certificate (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), a document that certifies its performance in the field of sustainable production. The factory was also rewarded by the World Economic Forum with the prestigious "Lighthouse Network Factory" award, thus becoming one of the members of the WEF Light House community.

Arctic is also the first Romanian manufacturer to receive the Siemens Platinum Certificate for Energy Efficiency in Production.

"We have taken on the responsibility to significantly reduce the impact that our activity has on the environment, and sustainability has become essential in the way we establish our development strategy both at group and local level. We constantly invest in the research area and strive to differentiate ourselves through modern products, technologies and production management systems that support sustainability, ”said Murat Büyükerk, Arctic Chief Executive Officer.

Through its long-term strategy, which aims to neutralize carbon emissions, in line with the Science Based Objectives (SBTi) initiative, Arçelik intends to continue the carbon finance project for another 4 years and contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by various investments in renewable energy and close supervision of its own efforts regarding the recycling of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE), through which the company differentiates itself in the field. Engaged in the Science Based Objectives (SBTi) initiative since 2017, Arçelik continues its efforts to complete the global emission reduction targets in areas 1-2-3, set by the GreenHouse Gas Protocol.

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