Cargus posts record high revenues: 25.7 million euro in 2013
Source: Cargus

Cargus, one of the largest courier companies operating in the Romanian market, has recorded 20 percent higher income in the last year, income which amounted to 25.7 million, based on these figures, 2013 becoming the best-performing year for Cargus since its establishment.

The progress has been fuelled by previous investments in infrastructure and services, investments worth about 4 million euro, corroborated by the e-commerce segment, as well as by the expansion of its client portfolio.

“We aimed to turn 2013 into a defining year for Cargus. The company has benefited from massive investments and targeted a faster growth compared to the recent years, actively supporting e-commerce industry in Romania and striving for providing the best integrated services in the market. These results show that 2013 was a successful year and the 20 percent increase over 2012 comes following a positive evolution on all segments of customers in our portfolio”, Gian Sharp, CEO Cargus, said, according to a press release.

This year, the company keeps the upward trend, the first two months of 2014 showing a significant improvement in terms of delivery volumes. They are some 54 percent higher compared to the same period in the previous year, an advance mostly supported by e-commerce deliveries which have seen an advance by 90 percent, but also by the B2B segment which registered a growth by 37 percent.

Cargus was founded in 1991 as the first domestic courier company. In 2012, the company was taken over by Abris Capital Partners, one of the leading independent private equity fund manager, focused on mid-market opportunities in Central and Eastern Europe.

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