Construction work advance by more than 12 percent in January 2015
Source: Antpkr

Construction work in Romania returned to growth year-on-year in January 2015, albeit it saw a decline compared to the previous month, indicates the latest report released by the National Institute of Statistics.

Hence, the domestic building industry advanced in January 2015, the volume of construction work growing both as gross series and as seasonally adjusted series, by 12.2 percent and by 12.9 percent, respectively, as a result of increases in capital repair works and in new construction works, while maintenance and current repairs works declined.

The amount of construction work dropped in the civil engineering field, by 6 percent, as gross series and by 11.8 percent, as seasonally adjusted series. Improvements were visible in the housebuilding sector which increased by 53.9 percent (47.6 percent, as adjusted series) and in the non-residential building sector, where the volume of construction work went up by 27.7 percent (29.3 percent, respectively).

As regards the previous month, construction work fell by 70.9 percent as gross series and by 5.6 percent as seasonally adjusted series, following decreases on all segments. In terms of amount of construction work, there was recorded a decline at all levels, except for housebuilding (seasonally adjusted series) which improved by 21.7 percent.

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