Cross-border deliveries have increased by 75% and parcel volume doubled in 2020

Cross-border sales have increased by 75% since the beginning of the year, compared to the last months of 2019, amid the increase in online orders, but also the improvement of delivery services, according to Coletă The situation generated by the measures to combat the spread of COVID-19 in Romania generated a significant increase in orders from abroad, so that, in the first 5 months of the year, the volume of parcels entering Romania from EU countries doubled.

"We expect that, in the next period, the volume of cross-border deliveries from Romania to other countries will have an exponential increase, and the deliveries of parcels from other countries to Romania will double this year. Romanian retailers have turned to marketplaces in Europe, with the development of this segment, which has led to a considerable increase in cross-border sales. Currently, at the level of the local market, out of the total volume of deliveries, 20% represent cross-border trade and 80% domestic. We estimate that, by the end of the year, the share on cross-border will rise to at least 30% ", says Alexandr Jeleascov, CEO of Coletă, noting that, in the first phase, traders in Romania target the diaspora, which represents a considerable segment of buyers.

The most accessible markets are, first of all, the neighboring countries - Hungary and Bulgaria, but also Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, UK, Italy and Spain, where the transport price is affordable, both for stores in Romania and for customers in those countries. , where there are large Romanian communities and stable marketplaces.

Coletă offers entrepreneurs who want to sell their products outside Romania the guarantee of an advantageous delivery cost. Ensures the connection of stores in Romania with marketplaces in Europe, for a rapid expansion of the online business and offers, through the already existing network of partners, legal consulting services, setting up companies, for opening bank accounts, payment methods, translations , marketing etc.

Among the most common types of products delivered from Romania abroad we find products from the following segments: books, Health & Beauty, Fashion, children's products, toys, sporting goods, gaming and IT accessories.

Among the most sold products abroad are: IT&C, many products in the fashion category, accessories, gadgets, Health & Beauty products, children's products, sports items, Home & Deco, auto-moto.

Coletă continues to expand the network of pick-up points, offering online stores a cheap and efficient solution for transporting packages, with prices starting from 6 lei / package, lower, on average, by up to 40% compared to the price competitors. Recently, it also launched the home delivery service and increased the number of pick-up points in GSM and printing service stores.

Coletă continues to carry out its activity at international level, despite some delays inherent in the delivery process. Thus, it takes over and delivers all packages with destinations in all 27 countries of the European Union, plus the United Kingdom, Ukraine and the Russian Federation. Starting with April 1, Coletă also covers the United States of America, where it operates deliveries at prices starting from 60 lei / package.

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